petition JonBenet Ramsey to provide an open public "inquest" with release of forensic reports

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petition JonBenet Ramsey to provide an open public "inquest" with release of forensic reports

Post by redpill on Sun Aug 06, 2017 6:18 pm

regardless of whether you are rdi or idi, i think one thing we can all agree on is, to the extent that it is allowable under the law, some form of FOIA type request on all the records but especially the forensic reports.

inspector rex vs superdave which was on crimeshots was a thing of beauty

inspector rex on crimeshots once debated with superdave, and he has a very good mastery of some of the interviews
where there was some debate over whether patsy's sweater fibers were in the duct tape or not.

rex provided some of the interviews depositions to superdave from legal depositions with superdave, pointing out that the rdi superdave conclusion that patsy's sweater fibers were on the tape was hardly conclusive.
he's pretty detailed oriented.

still an official source would be preferred

another claim made on ffj and websleuth inlcude

john's fibers from his black israeli sweater were found in jonbenet's crouch

the palm print was sourced to melinda ramsey

the hi-tech shoe print was claimed by RDI to be burke's, which is hard to imagine why burke would own a large adult size hi-tech shoe

what the trace evidence was and whether it was sourced

whether the dna was a composite as the newest revelation claims

the pubic/axillary hair was sourced to patsy ramsey via dna

chet ubowski says the handwriting is patsy's per steve thomas - during deposition lin wood confronted steve thomas oer what chet ubowski actually said

any forensic linguists consulted and their conclusions

whether there was prior abuse

so at a minimum, a release of all the forensic reports fiber dna shoe print etc., from official sources.

any trace evidence from elsewhere in the house or from possible points of entry such as the window well

actual expert testimony on everything from the medical reports to trace evidence to ligature knots

conclusions of forensic scientists consulted to review evidence

interviews would also be nice.

a public inquest and a release of information, of official sources

were forensic linguists consulted, if so, their names and qualifications and their conclusions? note donald foster is not a forensic linguist

names of criminalists consulted and their conclusion

clarification of common RDI claims that patsy's sweater fibers were on the tape, or john's black israeli sweater fibers were found on jonbenet's crouch. claims of chronic abuse etc.

where on the ASTM scale 1-9 each of the qualified experts conclusions and overall score

9-point scale:

1) Identification
2) Highly probable did write
3) Probably did write
4) Indications did write
5) No conclusion
6) Indications did not write
7) Probably did not write
Cool Highly probable did not write
9) Elimination

an example of how this is up in the air

Steve Thomas deposition in 2001:

2 Q.(BY MR. WOOD) After your book

3 came out, sir, were you aware that

4 Mr. Ubowski publicly denied the accuracy of

5 the statement that he concluded Patsy Ramsey

6 wrote the ransom note?

7 A. No. You're telling me this for

8 the first time.

9 Q. Are you familiar that Mr. Ubowski

10 stated that he had never reached the

11 conclusion that 24 of her letters out of the

12 26 letters of the alphabet were matched with

13 the ransom note?

14 A. No, I have not heard that.

15 Q. And you stated to the contrary in

16 your book, didn't you?

17 A. Yeah, I stated what I was told by

18 my detective sergeant.

19 Q. And you weren't even, I guess,

20 aware that Mr. Ubowski and the CBI said they

21 don't even make that kind of analysis with

22 respect to the 24 out of the 26 letters of

23 the alphabet, you don't know anything about

24 that --

25 A. No.

what did chet ubowski really say and where on the ASTM 1-9 did each and every FDE place patsy

plus all fiber handwriting hair dna etc

If you only knew the POWER of the Daubert side

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