science, handwriting the JonBenet ransom note, Patsy Ramsey and justice part 1

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science, handwriting the JonBenet ransom note, Patsy Ramsey and justice part 1

Post by redpill on Mon Aug 07, 2017 11:32 pm

science, handwriting the JonBenet ransom note, Patsy Ramse and justice part 1

forumsforjustice claims to advocate justice for jonbenet,

sadly all those losers have zero scientific education in the relevant

one forumsforjustice poster is koldkase, who is also on websleuth and topix

this is her claim
koldkase wrote:
"Me, I can use my own eyes and I don't need no special training to see that Patsy wrote the note.
koldkase wrote:
"Patsy Ramsey wrote the note. Period. No question. No reasonable argument. All anyone who is objective has to do is compare her exemplars with the ransom note, not to mention the repeated, innumerable writings, statements, and interviews with the Ramseys which repeat excessively the language in the ransom note." -

this is the very height of ignorance and lynch mob mentality.

forumsforjustice has zero quality control take koldkase.

what is koldkase qualification? not only did she never study the relevant forensic science, but she also has zero education in science. she's just a bored house wife who decided to speak dogmantically and ignorantly about topics she has never studied.

similarly, on topix,
Capricorn wrote:
Patsy wrote that note; there's no denying it. Not only would anyone with a working pair of eyes see it, but the lying about the scale and the rest just prove the point. Yes, Patsy was the one and now inadvertently, AK drove the point home for me
Capricorn wrote:
Again, the naked eye is never obsolete or outdated.

All anyone has to do is look at the comparisons and graphology, shmaphology, the writing is the same, both in handwriting and linguistically. You don't even need an expert to state it; it's blatantly a match

For every expert who is wishy washy or "excludes" Patsy, you'll find another who will state it IS Patsy.

there's no quality control for RDI. an RDI is essentially a lynch mob. it takes no qualifications no education, no science background to be an RDI. anyone can say well the handwriting looks the same therefore patsy did it.

for those with an actual background in science,

what are the scientific issues regarding handwriting identification?

how would you study the issue of handwriting identification using scientific methodology?

for example, what are some ways to consider this issue, that Koldkase and Capricorn can say that to their eyes the handwriting is Patsy's.

is this a justice way of resolving the issue? where is the science in this issue?

science is about testing and experiments. how would you test Koldkase and Capricorn can say that to their eyes the handwriting is Patsy's?

suggest some testing that can be done via experiments using scientific methodology and rigor.

suppose you test their ability to correctly identify handwriting based on similarity alone using test examples, of asking them to match handwriting of known exemplars to the written questioned one. what if they get it 50% wrong.

would 50% error right be reliable, and should it be a basis for such conclusion?

imagine you do this with actual FDE ABFDE and they score 1% error ?

suppose for example, you present them with exemplars from say Christian Wolfe, a very hand picked selected examplars
falsely say this is Patsy's handwriting then ask them if they see a match, and they say yes?

imagine you do this with actual FDE ABFDE and they score 1% error ?

imagine you provide thousands of handwritten exemplars that are very similar to the handwriting on the ransom note. one of the exemplar among thousands is Patsy's, the others are not.

would they correctly identify Patsy's handwriting from thousands of other exemplars that are similar looking?

are there any problems with  Koldkase and Capricorn saying they alone can tell with their eyes, unaided by anything else, that it is Patsy's?

what if they are mistaken ? what if some one else says they think it doesn't resemble.

how to resolve one's poster's opinion with another?

what if an intruder has handwriting that is coincidentally similar to Patsy's?

perhaps the intruder saw Patsy's writing and decided to copy it closely?

how well could Koldkase and Capricorn  distinguish handwriting that is coincidentally similar to Patsy's, or even a deliberate copycat?

what if there was actual genuine scientific research into this, and it was discovered that lay persons have a close to 0% ability to discriminate similar handwriting. they see 2 similar handwriting and proclaim a match, a phenomon known as overmatching?

how much then should we put credence in  Koldkase and Capricorn?

neither  Koldkase and Capricorn have ever studied any scientific forensic documentation at any time ever. they never studied it. they are both scientific failures and moral and ethical failures. they are a lynch mob.
instead of studying the relevant science, they go with a lynch mob mentality.

oh Cina Wong is a total fraud and hoaxer.

If you only knew the POWER of the Daubert side

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