Six Degrees of Murder Elizabeth Palmer Matt Scott - & JonBenet Ramsey

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Six Degrees of Murder Elizabeth Palmer Matt Scott - & JonBenet Ramsey

Post by redpill on Wed Aug 09, 2017 11:36 pm

i just finished watching Six Degrees of Murder Season 2 Ep. 9 about the murder of real estate agent Elizabeth Palmer and Matt Scott.

they had their brains blown out with a 9mm gun by Matthew Francis Scott literally. their brains were splattered on the wall.

watching it i definitely felt a rush of emotion.

Matthew Francis Scott saw Elizabeth owned and drove a Lexus and wanted it. So he killed her, and Matt Scott was a bystander who was also murdered.

kinda sad story in that Matt Scott was originally a church goer and family man, but his real estate business tanked around 2007-2009. he worked on commission and he sold no houses in over a year. he did not own a car. he rode a bus. so that would make it hard for him to sell houses in clients on a bus. he thought owning a lexus would result in sales and income, but it didn't turn around for him and of course he drove a stolen vehicle.

both real estate agent Elizabeth Palmer and Matt were real estate agents.

other than the lexus nothing of value was taken, including considerable cash in the wallet

What a Face

perhaps driving a Lexus or any valuable vehicle might attract a killer and robber who will blow your brains out with a 9mm at point black. literally.

i'm not sure i would want to come across as wealthy since that can attract killers and robbers

in this case he entered the office and committed the crime, he left behind no forensics, no dna fingerprints fiber shoe prints. the show said they had no leads and no evidence.

what did link him was bullet casings match gun he owned and he at one point drove the stolen lexus, which he gave to his friend.

watching this JonBenet Ramsey this might sound crazy but maybe a mother of a young girl wanted her daughter to succeed in the child beauty pageant so she had Jonbenet killed with hopes her daughter will succeed - eliminating a rival. and frame the parents

Matthew Francis Scott eliminated his rival in real estate and took her lexus

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Re: Six Degrees of Murder Elizabeth Palmer Matt Scott - & JonBenet Ramsey

Post by MurderMysteryReader on Sat Aug 12, 2017 3:37 pm

The theory that JonBenet was a threat to another participant's success in the beauty pageants and her mother had someone kill her is a good theory. It has happened before. I'll have to find the one I am thinking of that is similar. Either the mother or the killer could have used items from the house to make it look like the Ramseys were involved. The hired killer could have studied Patsy's handwriting, practiced it, and written it with the intention of making it look like it was written by Patsy. Along with the note used the other items of Patsy's to continue the frame. Seeing Patsy accused might have been an added bonus.

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