i wonder if Investigation Discovery Gone will feature Dana Point Jane Doe Holly Glynn

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i wonder if Investigation Discovery Gone will feature Dana Point Jane Doe Holly Glynn

Post by redpill on Mon Aug 14, 2017 10:43 pm

Investigation Discovery has a new show Gone

No shoes in the hall. No coffee in the pot. He was supposed to come in late, but when she woke that morning he was just GONE. As the day went on, her unanswered calls grew more frantic, and her unease became panic. Something was wrong but the truth is even darker than it looks. GONE features twisted true stories of individuals who go missing and leave a trail of secrets in their wake and of frantic loved ones left behind who are often not who they seem.

i saw one episode featuring 2 girls who went missing May 1971 South Dakota 's Cheryl Miller and Pamella Jackson, both 17, their car was found in a river with them in it 43 year mystery ruled accident, somehow their car off the bridge into the river and sunk and was hidden.

and another episode of a woman in hawaii Charlotte Moriatty who disappeared 1977, and her son was later found her mother was in a psychiatric ward

basically unlike Disappeared it features people who went missing for decades and were later found, with resolution.

Obviously Holly Glynn went missing for 27 1/2 years was known as Dana Point Jane Doe. sept 20, 1987

a young jdid named redpill working with Holly's friends got Orange County's corornoers office to visit her sister Tammy Glynn for DNA.

could be an episode of Gone. Presumably Tammy Glynn has more stories and more photos should she agree to have her story told.

i wonder if i will be on that show if they make it.

Investigation Discovery has another show Who Killed Jane Doe? which features Jane Does unidentified for decades, but the criteria is murder, not suicide or accidents.

Holly committed suicide.

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