Australian Survivor lady Macbeth x2

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Australian Survivor lady Macbeth x2

Post by redpill on Sun Aug 20, 2017 11:39 am

stargate log sunday august 20, 2017

i just watched australian survivor season 2, episode 8

this season of Australian survivor is far superior in terms of gameplay than season 1, 2017
they cast aussies in AK on samatu and henry on asaga who are killers.

in terms of making me laf, the first season is more funny for me

but today i had a lady macbeth moment

through out the episode Locky on samatau worked hard on ziggy to flip from the majority alliance of ak jared tessa peter and join him and tara and analiese who were originally on top.

in life ak is a dj at weddings.

in survivor he is a mastermind, he has an ability to quickly work the numbers of every vote, but he, according to locky and ziggy is lazy. he doesn't do much around camp life like collecting firewood, and hes overweight and not a strong challenge performer.

ziggy seemingly agreed to cross over and i thought ak would be blindsided.

ziggy seemingly formed an alliance with annaliese to take out the biggest threat in ak.

well the actual vote ziggy switched to ak and voted for tara. it was a tie and tara was voted out. but that was not the end

they announced another person will be voted out.

annalese was the first to vote and wrote down locky and said i don't know how this can get any worse

in a cruel twist of fate

when ziggy went to vote
she turned on annaliese

in a william shakespeare australian accent lady macbeth she said

i'm sorry annalese but i'm voting you so we can keep our 5 strong

that's so cold. that's so mutha fucking cold. that's treachery.

annalese response when she heard this

her eyes popped out literally bug eyed

she reminds me of count dooku before he got his head chopped off

so brutal.
aussie chicks are like sith

hahaha treachery is the way of the sith

here tessa smiles and laf at what ziggy just said

then tessa said i'm sorry annalese but i wish you work with us tonight


annalese was betrayed by her own aussie buddy ziggy

so when annalese said she didn't know how it could get any worse, ziggy announced outloud she's voting for her along with tess and ak

when supreme leader AK

said hes also voting for annelse

lady macbeth ziggy celebrates

ziggy and annalese in happier times

i really thought ziggy and annalese would vote together to get AK out.
i thought wrong.

i had it with these mother fucking snakes on this mother fucking island

ziggy is poison like iocane

iocane power comes from australia
everyone knows australia was peopled by criminals

aussie chicks hot with awesome accent but will cut your throat and back stab you, hell they'll back stab their fellow aussie chicks

ziggy here was telling annalese she's tired of AK, and she interviewed that AK is lazy and doesn't do any work.

but at tribal ziggy announced she is voting for annalese and was fist pumping and celebrating when tessa and AK said they are voting her out.

ziggy is a good sith

i agree with tara that what ziggy did in building up hope, only to stab them and celebrate.
tara used the word unnecessary

the twist is they are not out of the game, but sent to the other tribe asaga

i hope annalese can get her revenge on ziggy. revenge is a dish served cold.

i'm feeling high. not from cocaine or methamphetamine or heroin but from watching treachery and betrayal
from 2 aussie lady macbeth

aussie survivor gets me high

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