I strongly implore CBS to air Australian Survivor in USA

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I strongly implore CBS to air Australian Survivor in USA

Post by redpill on Tue Aug 22, 2017 2:06 pm

Australian Survivor is licensed after CBS Survivor, but I'm watching the second season and I'm impressed with gameplay creativity and exciting challenges.

the second season is a quantum leap in gameplay over the first.

Australian Survivor is produced by Tenplay and is one of their most expensive shows.

To help defay costs I strongly implore CBS to air Australian Survivor in USA

Aussies speak English and everything they say is understandable. Hopefully the advertising revenue from airing Survivor in the US can go to Tenplay to help offset high production costs.

and Americans and Canadians can learn a lot about Aussies.

after watching the first season I thought Aussies are funny but dumb. Aussies use the term bogans.
overall the Aussies just passively waited to be scratched off one by one.
the complaint was that Kristie Bennett was a bad winner.
i don't think Kristie was a strong player i think it was mostly luck.
phoebe though made me laf a lot

after watching the first 9 episodes of season 2 i think Aussies are deadly.
Henry throwing challenges and voting out Samantha and Mark then switching tribes.
AK talking about assessing Henry when he entered.

to be fair the Aussies had 34 seasons of the US version to learn from, and learn they did.

i'm watching season 2 and i'm wondering where was Ak and Henry and Luke when season 1 was casted?

so for CBS or maybe a cable televion in the US that is dedicated to airing Australian reality tv shows like tenplay's survivor to help defray the costs by bringing in advertising dollars to Tenplay from the entire USA and Canada

aussie survivor is too good just to be seen by Aussies

us Americans and canadians should see it to

so what i am suggesting is that americans can go to cbs on sunday and monday at 7pm and watch australian survivor
if not cbs then a cable television like Spike TV or history channel or something

with advertising revenue going to tenplay to help defray high production costs

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