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Hurricane Harvey  Empty Hurricane Harvey

Post by redpill on Thu Aug 24, 2017 10:32 pm

star gate log thursday august 24, 2017

one question i have always wondered about is where are good places to live.

places that are safe free from crime and accidents like icy roads, affordable good nice weather, low taxes, good communities, outdoorsy stuff
and from illinois and california - financially solvent. as in the state has good tax revenue, no budget crisis.

i don't have the answer. from what i've seen australia looks awesome though they have some highly lethal animals there.
i wonder how familiar australia is from costco to home depot to walgreens. adjusting to driving on the left side would be difficult for me.

i click on the news and i learn of Hurricane Harvey

and this just happened today thursday august 24, 2017

i watch a news clip and see residents in houston texas and san antonio texas at home depot and other shops buying
i'm thinking wow thats a lot of bs to put up with

Hurricane Harvey  17082410

i know living on a coast is awesome bc of all the things to do on beach and boating but wow. that's some bs

Hurricane Harvey  17082411
Hurricane Harvey  17082412

i have looked at dooms day preppers

Hurricane Harvey  Doomsd10

i doubt underground bunkers would have any value with expected 3 feet of rain (!) in some areas hit by the hurricaine.

all that money spent on an underground bunker and it gets completely flooded Suspect

disasters like hurricanes and epidemics definitely gives me strong emotions

supposed to make landfall late friday early saturday

price of gas at pump should go up No

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