I watched Floyd Mayweather Jr. defeat Conor McGregor

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I watched Floyd Mayweather Jr. defeat Conor McGregor

Post by redpill on Sun Aug 27, 2017 12:46 pm

as a kid i debated who would win in a fight Bruce Lee vs Ali or Mike Tyson. Admittedly the boxers have a huge size and strength advantage.

well I watched Floyd Mayweather Jr. defeat Conor McGregor

Floyd Mayweather said the gameplan was to let Conor gas himself in the early rounds. Floyd would save his energy and sure enough the plan worked.

It was entertaining

PPV viewers certainly got their money worth it wasn't over in an instant

But watching the fight, Conor attempted to grapple Floyd several times. It got me thinking in a real fight or a street fight
Floyd's boxing skills wouldn't be enough to save him. MMA is a long road but learning some grappling and submission based fighting would be more useful than pure boxing in a life or death unarmed combat.

The way the fight went it looked Conor might pull an upset he was aggressive and landed a lot of shots. I think around 4 was where it started to cross over to Floyd's favor.

I'm not sure Conor was trying to play dirty but he frequently hit Floyd behind the end which the referee stopped and reminded Conor it is not allowed.

Watching this makes me wonder what would be an ideal striking stand up type fighting that includes kicking, but not grappling. So elbows and kicks allowed, but not hits behind the head. Boxing only trains for punches above the waist, but how does the striking calculus change when kicking elbows pushes are allowed.

how wonder how the quickness of Brue lee punches and dodges compare with Floyd or any hall of fame boxer.

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