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forumsforjustice RDI cynic goodsouthernsense an observation of a NOTJOB

Post by redpill on Thu Aug 31, 2017 10:42 pm

i once spoke to cynic directly on websleuth. he complained to me directly mary lacy's letters should be signed off xoxoxo

on crimeshots i asked SD to invite roy23 and tadpole and his fav RDI to come to crimeshots. roy23 did take my offer and came to crimeshots, where he really liked inspector rex. i'm not sure if rupert was already on crimeshots or if SD invited him to come over. but yeah i met rupert

i asked him he can invite his fav rdi. he contacted cynic. cynic said to SD who then told me something like he only wants to talk to real people.

so i guess i'm not a real person LOL. cynic has been following jonbenet since 2000

he didn't join me on crimeshots.

which brings me to this

on season 2 of australian survivor episode 6


claims to be a yoga instructor

but samantha

who actually knows something about yoga

saw what henry was doing, then asked him about his yoga credentials and concluded henry is a fake.

henry is not a yoga instructor. which is true

samantha knows enough about yoga instructors to know henry is a fake

henry of course admits that he's not, only claiming it to put people at ease. since samantha found out, he realized he neded samantha gone so he organized an alliance to do this to her

now i have seen yoga but i'm no yoga expert. if henry told me he's a yoga instructor and that's what i did, i'd take his word for it. it looks like yoga so.
but samantha can spoke a fake bc she actually knows yoga, she's an endurance athlete and um henry got her voted off.

one of cynic's fav terms is "battle of the experts"

cynic in various posts promote the discredited debunked work of cina wong letter by letter

The ransom note & Patsy Ramsey, letter by letter.

cynic Join Date
Sep 2006

The ransom note & Patsy Ramsey, letter by letter.

Cynic promotes it, but he doesn't know that cina wong is a complete and total fraud. in his post he gleefully boasts that
experts may disagree but that cina wong chart speaks for itself. patsy wrote it. it's patsy's handwriting.

cynic, cina wong is a complete and total fraud. by her own admission she is not a qualified expert witness under Frye and Daubert

cynic is unable to spot a fake FDE

cynic also promoted forumsforjustice power cherokee forensic linguistic analysis, and also references the work FBI profilers and CASKU and roger dupree as forensic linguists

cynic, cherokee is a total forenisc linguistics fraud, and CASKu and Dupree are not forensic linguists.

cynic is unable to spot a fake forensic linguist

cheroke as goodsouthernsense on reddit told me to read delmar english crime scene analysis. i did, i clicked on his links and over at acandyrose

delmar english is complete and total crime scene analysis fraud. there is zero scientific content in his "analysis" of the crime scene, as well as the ransom note.

cynic is unable to spot a fake forensic scientist.

cynic loves to crow about IDI nutjobs.

the only conclusion on cynic's inability to spot a fake is that he in all these years of promoting RDI on jonbenet on websleuth and forumsforjustice and now reddit, is that he is a


as in in all these years, not once ever has he ever, this notjob studied the relevant forensics

he's never studied forensic documentation

cynic crows about IDI nutjobs, but this RDI notjob
as in in all these years, not once ever has he ever, this notjob studied the relevant forensics

he's never studied forensic

he's never studied it. he is commenting on topics he has never studied.

he has never studied forensic linguistics

he has never studied the major categories of science textbooks relevant to the Jonbenet investigation. not once. ever
he talks about idi nutjobs but he can't identify a fake. that's my definition of a notjob

uh cynic regrading idi

on forensic files

feature intruder cases as well as cases where the question is whether the victim was in the perp's home or vehicle

the evidence presented in the form of just a fiber or just a shoe print is far less extensive then what is presented in Jonbenet case (where all of these are present, unsourced) and is evidence of an intruder

so yes cynic is a notjob in that he's not seen shows like forens files, and crime shows, where the actual evidence in the form of a shoe print or a knot elegantly tied or fibers is the only evidence of an intruder.

neither cynic nor anyone at forumsforjackasses or websleuth have ever sat down and studied the textbooks of the science relevant to the jonbenet ramsey case at any time ever. nor have they seen any tv show which shows the applications of these scientific principles.

cynic is far worse than a nutjob. he's a notjob. he is taking his ignorance and saying this is "justice". justice for jonbenet according to forumsforjustice and websmear is to simply not study the textbooks relevant to the case and make stuff up.

imagine that a university professor gives cynic tricia griffith superdave etc and all rdi posters the textbook as their course reading, then gives then a final exam.

since they never actually read these textbooks.

what grade would they get on their final exam?

i venture F. since no RDI has ever hit the textbook and studied the relevant forensics,
every RDI poster you see and read would get an F.

students who get an F on the relevant textbook forensics are claiming Patsy wrote the ransom note,
there is no evidence of an intruder, and that is justice.

if you limit jonbenet and rdi vs idi discussion only to those posers who are familiar with the actual forensics and who studied at the A level on these relevant textbooks, the only conclusion is that there is evidence Jonbenet was murdered by an intruder.

I fear no RDI. everything is as the Forensics wills

you can ask SD what that means

i have been tasked to take the kyber crystal from SD and make it bleed

If you only knew the POWER of the Daubert side

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