today on Australian Survivor season 2 episode 13 FIGHT! *spoilers*

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today on Australian Survivor season 2 episode 13 FIGHT! *spoilers*

Post by redpill on Mon Sep 04, 2017 10:22 pm

this post contains spoilers to Australian Survivor season 2 episode 13




as i understand it in life Ben is 18 or so, works in fast food and still lives with his parents

Michelle at 33 is actually the oldest remaining player at this point. in life she is a nanny. she cares for children in Sydney

her dream is to win $500k and buy a house.

Michelle is the newest member after the swap, previous episode AK was booted which i think is that they need to stop screwing over tribal. once you leave you leave. it's unfair. AK was screwed this season, Phoebe the last

in life michelle is a nanny. she cares for children.

throughout the 13 episodes Michelle and ben are 2 of the weakest challenge performers, and Jacquie and Kent said they are also lazy and don't do anything around camp except gossip. Michelle was shown saying the fries the fries.
Michelle gossips. she's talkative but she doesn't help win challenges nor apparently help with camp stuff.

in today's immunity challenge
michelle was the first to quit

michelle has consistently been useless in challenges. so i thought her and ben are DOA.

Michelle complains her friends from Sydney would never imagine her 25+ days in on Samoa she's dirty, no manicures pedicures makeup.

starting here

snake eyes

she gave one of the best tribal turn arounds i've ever seen. and i've seen a lot. with no idol play she provided an absolute masterclass in tribal. she'd make a good lawyer or detective lol.

she loves talking lol

she's letting slip that Ben told her that Ziggy has the super idol

an absolute masterclass in throwing someone under the bus

she's complimenting him as a superfan then says she's going to back stab LOL

end result

well played Michelle LOL

that's how you throw someone under the bus at tribal LOL

you did well. he was too dangerous to be kept alive.

Michelle a nanny needed to survive and sure enough she did.

i'm feeling high. not from cocaine or methamphetamine or marijuana or heroin but from watching Michelle produce a masterclass tribal. she eviscerated poor Ben lol.
when it's on like this i prefer this to the superbowl or nba finals.

amazing how talk can get you through

best tribal i've seen since

this right here is iocane powder. which comes from australia. and as everyone knows australia was entirely peopled by criminals

i would love to see Michelle tee off on Phoebe at tribal lol

would would win at tribal, michelle or phoebe? lol

michelle vs phoebe at tribal would be like bruce lee vs Mohammad ali

there's no chance michelle will win any immunity, except perhaps in unusual cases.
if michelle can get through this game by delivering awesome tribals like this she'll be my new fav lady sith

i actually prefer to watch australian survivor to any movie currently out, or sporting event.

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