Donald Foster is NOT a forensic linguists but a Fraud the power of Daubert Side of the Forensics

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Donald Foster is NOT a forensic linguists but a Fraud the power of Daubert Side of the Forensics

Post by redpill on Sat Sep 23, 2017 11:37 am

Perfect Murder, Perfect Town : The Uncensored Story of the JonBenet Murder by Lawrence Schiller documents the story of Donald Foster

he introduces  Vassar College prof Donald Foster as a forensic linguist. he then talks about how forensic linguists are used to solve crime and how Donald Foster was appointed by the FBI to solve the Unabomber case.

He describes Donald Foster involvement in the Jonbenet case, and determining if a Ramsey wrote the ransom note.


A Ramsey wrote the ransom note.

So forensic linguist Donald Foster solves the Jobnenet murder case by using the new science of forensic linguistics to establish that one of the Ramseys wrote the Jonbenet ramsey ransom note.

It was an inside job. no intruder wrote the ransom note.

Superdave cynic triciah on websmear, hippo on crimeshots all allude to this forensic linguist Donald Foster as estalishing on forensic linguistic grounds that Patsy wrote the ransom note.

When you combine forensic linguist Donald Foster with handwriting expert Cina Wong and Gideon Epstein, using what SD calls a "holistic" approach, the conclusion is that Jonbenet's murder was an inside job.

anyone can see that it's patsy's handwriting on the ransom note, and now Donald Foster has confirmed it via forensic linguistics.

so Patsy wrote the ransom note based on - handwriting experts like cina wong and gideon epstein, forensic linguists like Donald Foster and Andrew Hodges mother gone bad, and Roger Dupree of CASKU, statement analysis Mark McLish,
and anyone with good eyes can see Patsy wrote the ransom note.

As Vader would say about Admiral Ozzel

RDI are as clumsy as they are stupid. SD you have failed me for the last time!

Now IDI longtimer Jameson had a page debunking Donald Foster, which the fools at forumsforjustice consider debunk.
it involves some strange story in which Jameson and Donald Foster corresponded via email and um i forget the rest.

there's a simpler rebuttal than what  Jameson provided

simply visit Donald Foster webpage and view his CV

it reads

Don Foster
Professor of English on the Jean Webster Chair

   Office Eleanor Butler Sanders Hall
   Phone (845) 437-5634
   Box 388

Literature of the English Renaissance, dramatic and non-dramatic, especially Shakespeare; all periods of English and American drama; early women writers; and literary theory.

Donald Foster does not claim to be a forensic linguist. He does have qualifications as a Shakespeare scholar, in English literature. But he is NOT a forensic linguist and he is NOT qualified in scientific examination of questioned documents.

so all these RDI claiming all these forensic linguists like Donald Foster, Andrew Hodges, Roger Dupree and CASKU, CBS documentary, haven't done the simple thing which is simply to look at the CV

under Daubert

Donald Foster claim of a forensic linguistics match between Patsy and the ransom note is rejected on scientific groudns

such is the power of Daubert Side of the Forensic

If you only knew the POWER of the Daubert side

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