Swamp Murders Megan Carr and Cherish DeSantis 16 JonBenet Ramsey

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Swamp Murders Megan Carr and Cherish DeSantis 16 JonBenet Ramsey

Post by redpill on Mon Oct 09, 2017 2:08 pm

stargate log Monday Oct 9, 2017 Columbus day

i just watched Swamp Murders Season 5 Ep. 8  Point of No Return about the murders of Megan Carr and Cherish DeSantis 16 both 16  March  27,1992. their dead bodies were found 12:30pm, so they died before that.

like 99% of the murders on Investigative discovery, i have never heard of this murder before, never heard anything about it.

there are news articles about this.

the opening scene of Swamp Murders typically starts with the actual murder of the victims. then flash back to their life, their families, and then the murder investigation.

i'm watching this and it reminds me of the wanda beach murders on crime investigation australia.

they go through several suspects.
they interviewed several eye witnesses.

one suspect is a weirdo who drove up in that area after dark, in total darkness, in the exact area where the girls were slain. police were there and immediately were suspicious. he even had a gun, 9mm. the gun was not a match to ballistics. he claimed he was there to take photos of wildlife in darkness.

they interviewed another suspicious person, but he was working at time of murder.

they interviewed the boyfriend. LE thought the girls were killed in a highly secluded beach area, and it was not at all clear someone would know, so maybe they were followed. boyfriend cleared due to alibi work.

a sister of a woman called in accusing her sister's husband, but it turned out a dead end, also cleared alibi work.

it was solved in that the killer confessed to his gf who reported him. he then fled from Florida to New Mexico, where he called investigators in Florida. He then committed suicide via cyanide.

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- A written apology to the family of a slain Georgia teenager was received Thursday, a day after the parents of another victim received a similar note from the man who confessed to killing the girls, authorities said.

The parents of Megan Carr, 16, of Thomasville, Ga., received a handwritten letter from Robert Rodriguez a day after Cherish DeSantis' parents, said Franklin County Sheriff Warren Roddenberry.

Both girls were found dead on a north Florida beach at Alligator Point March 27. Each had been shot twice in the head.

Roddenberry said he had no idea how Rodriguez obtained the home addresses for the girls. Investigators reported nothing was missing from the girls' personal effects when their bodies were discovered by a vacationing police officer and his wife.

Rodriguez, 42, is known to have written at least five letters before taking his own life by drinking a mixture of scotch and cyanide Saturday at an Interstate 40 rest stop near Grants, N.M.

On Monday, the Arizona Daily Sun in Flagstaff received a letter from the former Oregon police officer, in which Rodriguez alerted reporters to his intentions to kill himself, and where to find his body. Rodriguez also claimed responsibility for killing three women.

A six-page letter was received by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement Tuesday, which tipped agents that letters had also been sent to the two victims' families. Both families were advised to expect letters.

At least one of Rodriguez' former girlfriends reported receiving mail as well. The unidentified woman was advised by police not to divulge its contents.

Roddenberry said the letter to the FDLE contained 'over 60 leads' that agents were trying to verify before making the letter public.

'My personal feeling is this is our man, and this will wind the investigation up,' Roddenberry said. 'But it's going to be a time consuming, drawn-out thing.'

Authorities have so far indicated Rodriguez confessed to the deaths of the two Georgia girls, who apparently were targeted on a random basis. He also confessed to abducting and killing Tallahassee college student Valerie Hunt, 22, in June 1984.

he wrote hand written letters he sent to parents news papers police

these were full length handwritten letters confessing to the crimes and to another crime Valerie Hunt 1984

his motive: he has uncontrollable urges to kill pretty women. he was looking for a girl to kill, he saw those 2 girls sunbathing, he acted on his urges, shot and killed them. he admit 100% the girls did absolutely nothing, they did not provoke him in any way. he felt the urge and shot one of them dead, and as the other girl was screaming he shot her dead.

somehow he got the girls address and mailed their parents. how he did this is not completely known. he then confessed to his gf who then told police. he then fled Florida for New Mexico where he committed suicide

so when you see RDI make such claims as

What a Face

over at websleuths posters have claimed

detective pinkie wrote:
Hold yourself to the same standards - explain why an intruder would leave a body and a note, simply and believably

tawny wrote:
the fail in logic is astounding.

This is an example of NO IDI explanation. Why would an intruder hide her body? Seriously, please answer that for me. Why would an intruder hide her body rather than take her with them and dump her, or leave her where she was? Did an intruder seriously believe she would NEVER EVER be found inside the house?

Serious question: Why would an intruder hide her body in a dark room in a basement?

If he wanted to ensure it was found, why hide it? If he had to bug out, not taking the kidnapped-turned-murdered with him, why did he leave the note?

Delay discovery to what end? If he were bugging out, why would he care when, where, and how she's found?

It makes zero logical sense.

ukguy wrote:
Why does an intruder need to bother with a RN at all, all that sitting around authoring a RN, increases the risk of being caught.

No JonBenet in the house tells its own story, when followed up with a ransom phone call, no RN is required.

There is no IDI explanation forthcoming as to why the said intruder did not remove JonBenet from the house, which is just as inconsistent as any staged kidnapping leaving JonBenet in the house!

Intruder plan of action: Enter Ramsey household remove JonBenet, dead or alive, relocate to the boot of awaiting car, then simply drive away. Next day phone ransom demands. Total time to execute less than fifteen minutes!

nimyat of reddit wrote:
There is absolutely 0 reason to start to write a draft ransom note and then write the real thing and make it that ridiculously long.

If it was a premeditated kidnapping, ('hid in the house' theory) why the fuck wouldn't you bring a ransome note with you and why the hell would you start to draft one and then write one on paper found in the house.

If it was a burglary turned kidnapping, why would you start to draft a ransom note, and then write the real thing 4 pages long? You would scribble something like "I've taken your daughter, dont contact police, deposit money at this location at this time if you want to see her again." A panicked burglar does not sit and start writing about his 'organisation'.

A lot of people get bogged down in the details of the case, because it is a fascinating one and it is very interesting, but the ransom note is the most ridiculous thing ever and was totally written by one of the family in my opinion. They also completely over thought it - mentioning the fathers business, his bonus, writing 4 pages worth etc.

There's no way the family wasn't involved. As for which one did it, that is what is hard to prove.

docg makes a similar claim
docg wrote:


An intruder intending to express his anger or disdain for the Ramseys would have had no reason to write a meaningless ransom note. A kidnapper would not have left both the note and the body. If the parents were involved in this together, as so many assume, such a note might serve to throw the police off the track, but only if the body were found, days later, in some remote area. Or never found. With the body hidden in the house, where it is sure to be discovered, the note only creates problems for the Ramseys, the only ones who could "logically" have written it. If they were not planning on getting the body out of the house before the police came, then why would they write an obviously phony note?

Also, why was the note hand printed? Why not print it via computer? Or paste words together from newspapers? If the parents, or anyone at all close to the family, wrote it, they would be risking exposure for sure.


No intruder would have had anything to gain by writing the ransom note. No intruder would have any reason to write it. A kidnapper would have taken the child (or her body) with him. If something had gone wrong with his plan, he would have had no reason to leave a possibly incriminating note. Someone intending to frame John or Patsy would not have written the note in his own hand, as that would be evidence of an intruder. The conclusion is simple: there was no kidnapper. There was no intruder. The note must have been written by someone on the inside -- and it does indeed read like a staged kidnapping attempt.

tawny wrote:
the fail in logic is astounding.

This is an example of NO IDI explanation. Why would an intruder hide her body? Seriously, please answer that for me. Why would an intruder hide her body rather than take her with them and dump her, or leave her where she was? Did an intruder seriously believe she would NEVER EVER be found inside the house?

Serious question: Why would an intruder hide her body in a dark room in a basement?

the IDI explanation is that he wanted to.

Serious question: Why would an intruder hide her body in a dark room in a basement?

what exactly are these based on ?

this is Robert Rodriguez

this is his handwritten letters

he killed 3 young women  Megan Carr and Cherish DeSantis 16 and Valerie Hunt solely due to a uncontrollable urge to beat and kill women.

he then wrote multiple handwritten letters confessing to the crime. he admit he did not know Megan Carr and Cherish DeSantis 16 and chose them simply because they were there.

he killed them because he wanted to kill them. not because of anything they did and he said so. he then wrote handwritten letters to newspapers, police and the victim families.

is this logical? would you say that a killer wouldn't kill and write handwritten letters because it doesn't make sense?

So RDI posters, who have no actual forensic scientific background, are claiming there was no intruder because there is no reason for an intruder to kill Jonbenet and leave a handwritten note.

Robert Rodriguez killed  Megan Carr and Cherish DeSantis 16 and Valerie Hunt and his explanation is that he wanted to. He had urges to do so. He felt a compulsion to do so. He feels a compulsion to kill women. He wrote letters of confession because he wanted to.

Jonbenet's killer killed because he wanted to, and he left a handwritten letter because he wanted to. Just like
Robert Rodriguez

A killer like Robert Rodriguez would kill Jonbenet solely because he had an urge to do so, and would leave handwritten letters because he wants to do that.

for me watching the dramatization of this, similar to Crime Investigation Australia of Wanda Beach

In Wanda Beach you see to girls being stabbed to death. here you see them being shot to death, all 4 on a beach, all 4 teenagers.

i'm thinking wow, being alone on a beach, or with one other girl, is kinda dangerous. someone with a knife or gun can kill you.

how many times in my life have i unknowingly crossed paths with a woman-killer ready to kill, but bc i'm a guy they rolled their eyes.

if i were on wanda beach that day, or on this florida beach  Megan Carr and Cherish DeSantis 16 would i be shot or stabbed to death?

Would Ronald Rodigiez shot me to death if i were there instead of Megan Carr and Cherish DeSantis 16?

this crime kinda reminds me of the recent murdesr of Abigial Williams and Liberty German, though how those 2 girls were murdered and whether they were raped or robbed has not been released.

for me,

there are literally tens of thousands of murders i have never heard of, being featured on ID channel every day, but once they are featured there are plenty of news articles. most murders are local news only. i didn't live in florida March  27,1992 so i never heard of this mruder.
there's a  whole world of people being murdered that don't make national news.

two, i wonder if i were there or wanda beach would i be dead or does being a guy make me less of a target?
of course i can be mugged or robbed and murdered.

being in a secluded location, whether its for fishing or sun bathing, and then encountering a killer is a dangerous risky situation.

Wanda Beach, Megan Carr and Cherish DeSantis 16, Abigail Williams and Liberty German, and that fisherman guy featured last week on swamp murders, were alone out in nature or a beach, when they met a killer with a weapon who then killed them. if you or i were there instead of these victims, would you or i be murdered?

going forward if you or i were alone on a secluded beach, and an unknown unfamiliar person, male, showed up, is that alarming? as in will he kill you?

if you are alone or with one other person in a secluded location and you encounter another person, that person may have lethal intentions towards you, and have a weapon like a gun or knife.

regarding jonbenet, it shows just how incredibly naive and stupid some RDI really are, like the posters comments i have linked.

there are killers who are obsessed with killing females. Jonbenet is a female. Jonbenet's intruder could have been someone obsessed with killing pretty girls, and the ransom note was written not as a sincere kidnapping for ransom money but as an attempt at trolling.

. he did not remove the body from the home because he wanted to. he hid the body to delay discovery because he wanted to. he wrote the ransom note because he wanted to.

think of Jonbenet crime scene as trolling or a cruel joke. Ramsey and LE read this ransom note and think Jonbenet has been removed from their home. the joke is they think Jonbenet is still alive, but when they search the house, they find her body still in the house. this makes parents look guilty, like they killed their daughter and the ransom note was written as a coverup. for this joke to work, the body has to be hidden, to delay discovery. the joke would not work if jonbenet's dead body was on the kitchen table with the ransom note. the ransom note is trolling and also designed to mislead investigators away from an intruder back toward the parents. a kind of reverse psychology.

not a difficult explanation, and Ronald Rodrigeuz shows there are people with this sort of psychology. but clearly outside the mental capability of RDI posters.

as an intruder theorist, i am a science lord, a practitioner of the daubert side of the forensics. what that means is i use real genuine textbook science, the kind that is standard university forensic taught and actual genuine scientific research and scientific thinking and reasoning to arrive that an intruder is the best scientific explanation for the forensic evidence found in the Jonbenet crime scene.

and a sleuth lord, using real life crimes to show how patently absurd RDI claims are. how baseless they are. and how they illustrate intruder scenarios.

on investigative discovery, web of lies awhile back

they featured a young man pretending to be a woman to entice another man using dating sites. when that other man arrived, he killed him with a gunshot bullet to the head.

when he was caught and asked why he did it, his reply was that he has always wanted to know what he feels like to kill someone. that's all. not money or sex. just the urge to kill another person. that guy was only 19 and now he has to spend at taxpayer dollars rest of his life behind prison, and this only happened sometime in the 2000's.

safety lesson if youre a man looking for love some women are actually men who want to kill you for fun, or women who have boyfriends who want to murder you for money or simply transgender.

If you only knew the POWER of the Daubert side

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