2 suicides in Oct, 2017 Lidia Dragescu 23 Maisy Lewis 14

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2 suicides in Oct, 2017 Lidia Dragescu 23 Maisy Lewis 14

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Lidia Dragescu 23

Lidia Dragescu 23 fell 100ft in St Paul's Cathedral shortly after 10.30am on Wednesday Oct 11, 2017

ap wrote:
A mother has paid tribute to her "talented, intelligent" daughter who fell 100ft to her death from the balcony of St Paul's Cathedral.

Lidia Dragescu died after falling from the Whispering Gallery in front of shocked tourists and staff.

The 23-year-old student, from Romford, east London, had recently started a degree at the University of East London and had hoped to become a brain surgeon.

A medical student fell 100ft backwards clutching two suicide notes - one to her mother and one to those who saw her fall.

'Beautiful and intelligent' Lidia Dragescu, 23, from Romford, Essex, fell 100ft in front of shocked tourists, after climbing over safety barriers at the St Paul's Whispering Gallery on Wednesday October 11.

The student had two notes written in her native Romanian in her hands while she fell after saying goodbye to her mother Isabela just an hour-and-a -half before.

The devastated parent was only given the notes when police arrived at the family home in Romford later that day.

100 feet is high enough fall to kill instantly, this is listed as a suicide, but reason for suicide unknown
She said: 'The police came to the door and she showed me their badges and they told me it is about your daughter.

'They said your daughter is dead. I was not at all aware that something like this would happen.

'When she left at 9am she told me 'bye mum' and I said 'god bless you' as always.

'She took the 25 bus to St Paul's. I had texted her to ask her what is wrong, I am concerned and that was at around 11am.

'She never usually missed a call or a message from me. I sent her a message and she did not reply.
She had been researching the San Francisco killer, the Zodiac Killer and she had been reading a lot of Dan Brown.

'She was fascinated by criminal minds and what they think. Lidia was very strong and she did a lot for herself.

'She told me, I am doing this for myself in her note.

'She was holding these two letters and the police gave them to me when they arrived, they said she fell backwards.

'She loved God, when she came into a room all eyes were on her, but she did not have any friends.

'If only someone could tell me why, but I still feel her, she is still with us, she can't leave us.'

Lidia Dragescu  suicide letter

In her first letter addressed to her mother, tragic Lidia wrote: 'Mum I am really sorry for upsetting you in this way.

'It would be natural to be upset but do not be for me, I am better now, in a better place.

'I am doing this for me, to escape.

'All of the past and the present it makes my head heavy.

'It will be very difficult without me for a time but after this you will be okay.

'Think about me that I am good now.

'I told you how much I love you.

'I am sorry I care but I need to escape and I cannot wait to see what is on the other side.

'I love you all remain well and I will see you when you are old. Take care of you. Thank you for everything.'

written in romanian and translated into english

in life she was a figure skater and wanted to be a medical doctor
so it seems that she committed suicide bc she wanted to see or experience the afterlife.
pale pale

news articles report she had an interest in serial killers and crime such as the zodiac killer and dan brown. her family and she were born in romania but emigrated to the UK when she was a child. she had near-model good looks and did modeling but she was shy lonely and had no friends. she was a figure skater and straight a and wanted to be a brain surgeon. said she was a strong christian and she saw suicide as a way to go to heaven now.

Maisy Lewis 14

Maisy Lewis was found dead in a wooded area of parkland near Runcorn on Sunday Oct 15, 2017

This is the tragic 14-year-old schoolgirl who was found dead in a children's play area yesterday morning.

Maisy Lewis was found by locals out walking their dogs in Sandymoor, near Runcorn, on Sunday.

Officers confirmed a 14-year-old girl had been found dead at the scene but said they were not treating the death as suspicious.


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