another mass shooting, this time in a texas church

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another mass shooting, this time in a texas church

Post by redpill on Mon Nov 06, 2017 1:20 pm

i'm writing this on Mon Nov 06, 2017 1:13 pm

last night i went to bed, and fell asleep.

this morning i turn on the news, and lo and behold the news states there another mass shooting, this time in a texas church

A man opened fire on a church in South Texas on Sunday, killing several people and wounding others.

Authorities haven't released the name of the attacker or said how many people he killed in the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, but a Wilson County commissioner, Albert Gamez, told cable news outlets he was told it was more than 20 killed and more than 20 wounded, though those figures hadn't been confirmed.

it's only been a month since the Las Vegas shooting.

this time the shooting happened in church. which yet another reason not to attend church. you can be killed on your way to church. you can be killed at church from a gunman and active shooter. or church can take you to a water park where you get the brain eating amoeba and die. going to church isn't safe anymore.

maybe i should move to australia? Rolling Eyes right now though they have a killer flu that has killed many pale

mass shootings can happen anywhere. but when it happens in church i question whether there really is a prayer answering deity, and whether being religious results in divine miracle based benefits. a concern of mine since at any moment i or my family can get cancer dementia cardiac arrest car accidents.

incidents like these convince me if there is some deity that created it all, it doesn't seem to hold any special interest for humans.

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