My message directed to IDI longtimer Jameson on my Mr. Cruel/OCCK theory

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My message directed to IDI longtimer Jameson on my Mr. Cruel/OCCK theory

Post by redpill on Wed Nov 08, 2017 12:18 am

im writing this on  Tue Nov 07, 2017 11:37 pm

My message directed to IDI longtimer Jameson

I never spoken to you directly on a forum. you did see my post on Mr Cruel on forum where i theorize that Mr. Cruel murdered JonBenet Ramsey

I've heard a lot about you on the original forum i joined to discussed JonBenet Ramsey and that is websleuth, were i also met superdave. superdave also told me about you.

I came to IDI conclusions based on my own research and mostly independent of anything anyone said about the case, but it was on websleuth where I got interested, thanks to SD.

I've watched every episode every season of Forensic files

and just a single fiber or a single shoe print is enough evidence to indict someone, and in Jonbenet we have multiple lines of such evidence.

the only conclusion using science or what i call the Daubert Side of the Forensics as a Science Lord, is that Jonbent was murdered by an intruder.

Cynic on websleuth aka goodsouthernsense on reddit directed me to Delmar England, which i saw was dated around 2001, and he calls your post gibberish. I read his post and his post is clearly nonsense, but I dont' know what you said he replied to, but it was about the ligature.

I saw your post but i forgot my password on the forum, in which you address my Mr. Cruel theory

jameson wrote:I don't see how you can put him up as a suspect in the4 Ramsey case. He is in Austrlia, you can't put him in the states, nevermind in Boulder, CO on the night of the murder. He apparently wasn't into leaving notes, nothing I saw on your page. He used surgical tape, not black duct tape which may (or may not) be part of his fantasy. Your guy bound the parents so they would be tortured knowing what was happening to their daughter. If not, he took the child somewhere else. Sorry, I don't think your guy is our guy.

Does Australia put their DNA evidence into CODIS?

it's called a theory. My theory is that the unidentified offender Mr. Cruel was in Boulder Colorado. If I could prove it, it wouldn't be a theory anymore, it'd be called a fact.

This is a documentary on Mr. Cruel

you can watch it here

copy and paste

or click here

redpill theory of Jonbenet Ramsey by gnosis92

my theory is that THAT Mr. Cruel was in Boulder Colorado and murdered Jonbenet Ramsey

my theory is based on 2 separate lines of evidence that converge on Mr. Cruel

we don't know that JonBenet Ramsey killer was a stranger intruder with no ties to the Ramseys, who has done this before.

but on the hypothesis that JonBenet Ramsey was killed by a strainger intruder with no ties to the Ramseys and who has done this before the question becomes

1- Is there a serial offender that speaks English as a first language, from an English speaking nation, male, who enters homes to abduct specifically young girls with families present sexual purpose but makes ransom demands and leaves handwritten messages at the crime scene like Jonbenet Ramsey?

this criteria singles out Mr. Cruel uniquely

2- In the JonBenet Ramsey crime scene, we observe JonBenet Ramsey with such forensic evidence as white nylon ligature, tape, trace evidence, fibers from glove use, shoe print, Dec 26 date.  Mr. Cruel uses white nylon cord, tape, left trace evidence, always used gloves, shoe prints, and surveyed premises of Sharon Wills home Dec 26, 1988. Mr Cruel does make ransom demands, which are bogus and does leave handwritten message, payback asian drug delaler more and more to come.  it worked in convincing LE and the public Karmein Chan's parents were involved in her abduction, perhaps due to chinese mafia. Mr Cruel enters the home occupied by the parents and siblings, in the dead of night, walks around the home in near total darkness, solely to abduct young girls for sexual purpose. He does claim to family he wants ransom money but never collects. Sound familiar? Jonbenet was sexually assaulted and while there was a ransom demand, there was no attempt to collect on the ransom.

As for Mr. Cruel being in Australia, my theory is Mr. Cruel likes to vacation, and one popular vacation spot is Colorado for its skiing, where he learned of Jonbenet Ramsey, 5 years after killing Karmein Chan

here's one way to look at it.

imagine you and I on July 15, 2017 11::27 pm Washburn Avenue South Minneapolis, MN

you and I observe this woman

with a bullet hole in her stomach. she is bleeding to death next to a police car.

i have a theory.

My theory is she is from Sydney Australia, and she traveled to  Minneapolis, MN.
That woman is not an American white, but an Australian white. For one thing, she speaks English fluently, but with an accent.
An Australian sounding accent, yet she wound up in Minneapolis, MN

If this is confirmed, it no longer becomes a theory but a fact.

My other theory is that the other major unidentified serial child killer in the USA is the Oakland County Child Killer, and there are some similarities between the Allan Letter and the JonBenet Ramsey ransom note suggesting same author.

If correct it no longer becomes a theory, JonBenet Ramsey was murdered by Oakland County Child Killer.

Another IDI poster rootlesswriter saw my posts and reached out to me, as he has his own suspect in Oakland County Child Killer, who moved to Arvada Colorado sometime before Jonbenet was killed.


happy holidays. perhaps in a different universe you and i met on websleuth and battled the legion of RDI. I know you coined the term BORG, but as a star wars fan, i prefer the term Smear Lords

Even if Mr. Cruel did not in fact murder JonBenet Ramsey, having detailed understanding of his crimes, his victimology, his MO, his skilset, his motivation, provides a very good way to understand intruder theories. Mr. Cruel is an actual home invading home intruder who targets young underage females specifically for sex. He brings with him white nylon ligature, like in the Jonbenet, and dark coloreed tape, like Jonbenet Ramsey, which he places on the mouth, like Jonbenet, he wears shoes and leaves shoe prints like the hi-tech shoe print in Jonbenet, and wears gloves, like the light brown glove fibers found all over Jonbenet, and his actual interest is sexual assualt, like the injuries to Jonbenet and DNA. He wipes the genitals of his victims to avoid leaving evidence, like fibers found in Jonbenet's genitals. He tells families he wants ransom money and makes ransom demands, like Jonbenet, and doesn't collect money, like Jonbenet. His actual purpose is sexual. He doesn't hold onto the victim but releases them, and in Lower Plenty he assaulted her then left, like Jonbenet. He leaves handwritten messages at the crime scene payback asian drug dealer more and more to come, like Jonbenet and personally witness how this totally framed the Chans as the guilty party, like Jonbenet. He told one of his victims he loved all the media attention he was getting, which could be a reason Jonbenet was targeted.

As a thought experiment, suppose Mr. Cruel were in Boulder and decided to target Jonbenet, how would the crime scene differ from what was actually discovered upon investigation?

So Mr Cruel can teach us a lot about the intruder in Jonbenet, even if he was not actually personally involved. And he could also be involved via internet child porn sharing site, giving instructions via internet to a pedophile in Boulder.

* I also want to thank sherlockholmes76 for answering my questions and providing me additional info on Mr. Cruel, as a native of Melbourne Australia he has traveled to the US and knows many Aussies who love to travel to US for vacation

If you only knew the POWER of the Daubert side

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