victims of bullying of Rebecca Ann Sedwick 13 & Cassidy Trevan, 15 ending in their suicides

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victims of bullying of Rebecca Ann Sedwick 13 & Cassidy Trevan, 15 ending in their suicides

Post by redpill on Tue Nov 14, 2017 5:59 pm

im writing this on Tue Nov 14, 2017 5:35 pm

i've already written about  Cassidy Trevan, 15

A Victorian mother has told of how her 15-year-old daughter committed suicide after a year of schoolyard bullying which culminated in the main perpetrator orchestrating her gang rape.
“I want the bullies out there to know that it’s not just a game. It costs lives.”


Cassidy Trevan, 15 mother and Cassidy Trevan, herself when she was alive state that girl bullies bullied her in

Melbourne Australia

then recruited one or more males to gang rape her, while the girls waited outside to guard.

when i watch Australian Survivor, I had no idea Aussies could be so deadly. Then I watch Crime Investigation Australia

In the news, from Florida

Rebecca Ann Sedwick 13

it's reported

Teen arrested after bragging she bullied suicide girl
Business Insider 12:07, Oct 17 2013

Two girls - age 12 and 14 - have been arrested in the US in connection with the suicide of a 12-year-old girl who was "terrorised" by several people on social media for nearly a year.

The girls have been charged with felony aggravated stalking, the Orlando Sentinel reports.

Last month, 12-year-old Rebecca Ann Sedwick killed herself at an abandoned cement plant in Lakeland, Florida. She had been reportedly bullied by girls who told her to kill herself.

The Sentinel reported that police decided they had enough evidence to charge the girls once the 14-year-old old posted on Facebook on Saturday: "Yes ik I bullied Rebecca nd she killed her self but IDGAF."

The "ik" in the post stands for "I know" and "IDGAF" is shorthand for "I don't give a f***". The message also ended with a heart symbol."

The 14-year-old allegedly started bullying Rebecca once she started dating Rebecca's ex-boyfriend, according to the Sentinel.

so according to this, 1 of the 2 girl bullies of 12-year-old Rebecca Ann Sedwick  was bragging she got her to commit suicide, after she killed herself.

"Yes ik I bullied Rebecca nd she killed her self but IDGAF." <3

the dark side is strong.

keep in mind the 2 bully girls were 12 and 14, and Rebecca Ann Sedwick was herself 13

some feminists have dreamed of a world of only girls, no boys, with girls producing babies with girls via technology.
a lesbian paradise

this does show that contrary to what some feminists might think, girls do bully girls, girls do wish other girls dead, and when they commit suicide, they celebrate their death. a  feminist society of only girls, would include girl bullies bullying other girls.

hate is strong in both genders.

TBH i wish dr. gori would come and wipe out all the bullies now and for all future generations

what a nice world it would be if they were all wiped out gone. while gori wants to wipe out all humans due to pollution, perhaps spectreman can persuade to keep a few non-bullies around to tend to his garden he planned. i for one would welcome my new overlord.

i suspect many bullies are attracted to Unsolved Murder of JonBenet Ramsey as RDI as it gives them a chance to bully the Ramsey's. you find them on forums like forumsforjustice and websleuth and reddit. they've never done any actual research, nor have they any background in textbook forensic science, but forums like forumsforjustice and websleuth and reddit provide them a cover to engage in bullying and harassment of the Ramseys, who used to be rich. not sure about now.

you know RDI like tricia griffith and cynic/goodsouthernsense and delmar england are bullies because they never actually studied any textbook forensics.

tricia griffith

this is her qualifications

Host Tricia Griffith is a veteran radio disc jockey and owner of and owner of Forums for

has never not once ever spent a single second studying the relevant forensics.

Bullies on the web i would call trolls as well.

but yeah there are girl bullies who bully girls, who wish them gang raped, and when they commit suicide, they celebrate their deaths on facebook posts. Suspect

can you imagine the feminist outrage if it was boys bullying girls? but its girls bullying girls to the point of suicide and celebrating it so no feminist outrage. personally i favor an enlightened Dr. Gori

If you only knew the POWER of the Daubert side

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