thanks and shoutout to rootlesswriter on JonBenet reddit you still have your account

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thanks and shoutout to rootlesswriter on JonBenet reddit you still have your account

Post by redpill on Mon Nov 27, 2017 2:11 am

bounce Mon Nov 27, 2017

hey  rootlesswriter i saw your post on  JonBenet  reddit linking to my blog sharon wills and mr cruel just today.

i haven't visited that forum since i got banned

i actually had a reddit account and did what you did, with links to my blog. i got downvoted, complaints of spam, complaints to moderator, and was banned and all my threads deleted

so what happened to me on reddit can happen to you and even the mod said your link to my blog was flagged as spam

rdi consider it "spam"

trolls. can't handle the redpill.

feel free to continue doing so, but you may get banned as i did, from reddit.

feel free to continue linking to my mr cruel threads and maybe i'll continue posting new ones.

my occk-jonbenet thread will be seen as even more of a reach since occk didn't enter and invade homes as an intruder.

there's 2 reddit forums for jonbenet and there's unresolved mysteries as well if you're interested.

my name for you is rootless ren, master of the knights of ren Smile

the force is strong in this one Wink

when i got banned from reddit i created a new user name. it turns out you need karma points and when you get downvoted it lowers it and then you can be blocked from posting.

in my new reddit i tried to avoid mentioning my blog and mr cruel, but instead i posted how science and specifically the daubert standard shows that IDI is more powerful than RDI, it is more scientifically supported using the scientific method

several rdi replied no you're wrong, science supports RDI handwriting experts like cina wong said patsy wrote it.

i said no, you're wrong, cina wong does not meet the daubert standard

well i got downvoted complaints and then banned

so i'm kinda disillusioned with jonbenet on reddit but it seems you have found a key.

with 18 days to the Last Jedi i plan to keep busy reading on everything on it, trailers, snoke theories etc.
barring death, death in family, personal emergency or illness or injury i plan to watch it hopefully on Dec 15, 2017
i also look forward to kung fu panda 4

but yeah if you continue posting all my mr cruel theards then i'll continue creating new blog posts on mr cruel jonbenet

my latest was mr cruel jonbenet theory is

Mr. Cruel, JonBenet Ramsey ransom note and Graeme Thorne ransom demands
Mr. Cruel linking JonBenet Ramsey ransom note and Graeme Thorne ransom demands

which i wrote on Wed Nov 22, 2017 9:20 pm

i'm thinking of deleting it and then re-writing it

as well as continuing the daubert standard and experts and how this leads to intruder theory in my daubert side of the forensics posts bounce

if you haven't already done so but are interested youtube has plenty of forensic files cases that explain how forensic scientists use trace evidence to reconstruct crimes. the jonbenet wikipedia has a summary of fibers hair shoe print evidence that point to an intruder.  bounce

If you only knew the POWER of the Daubert side

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