What if Hollywood were to re-make a 2018-19 Spectreman movie with Dr. Gori

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What if Hollywood were to re-make a 2018-19 Spectreman movie with Dr. Gori

Post by redpill on Wed Nov 29, 2017 10:08 pm

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Wed Nov 29, 2017 9:31 pm

as a young boy i grew up watching Spectreman

at the time i thought the special effects were mind blowing, impossible to believe how did they do that. affraid

Spectreman along with Seasme stret and Mr. Rodger's neighborhood, 321 contact and Electric company are some of the very oldest memories i have.

and his main enemy Dr. Gori

from the 1970's

such a movie would be retro and a callback to the 1970's not too much different from say Wonder woman

obviously with the technology and special effects now, I'd hope it'be be "big budget" perhaps $50-100 million

with modern designs.

One set of issues is whether Spectreman should be set in USA and in English, or in Japan, where it was originally from

i would personally like all the character design be updated so for example Dr. Gori in 70s

updated to look more like this

I'd make Caras into a robot.

Spectreman is like the anti-captain planet

What made Spectreman sort of unique until Captain Planet is that the central theme was sort of enivornmental

Dr. Gori's complaint is that planet earth is the most beautiful planet he's ever seen.

But humans are destroying it with pollution and overpopulation. Humans are destroying land ocean water air, adding trash and garbage
and driving species to extinction.

Dr. Gori wants to eliminate all human life and restore Earth to its pristine pre-human state.

Spectreman the hero wants to stop Gori and save and protect human life.

In Captain Planet, they want to stop the human polluters from destroying earth

here, Dr. Gori wants total genocide of all human life to save earth.

Spectreman predates Captain Planet

since USA and Hollywood are the largest movie audience, Spectreman remake should be done in USA, in English, using American actors, hopefully with good script writers and dazzling special effects. Godzilla was originally japanese but the American version is done in English with English actors

i wonder what leftists environmentalists and even PETA animal rights activists would think, esp those born after 70's and never heard of Spectreman, if they watch this movie, and learn that Dr. Gori's actual motivation is environmentalist, and his message to earth is that human pollution and overpopulation is destroying earth.

of course his solution is to wipe out all humans, before earth becomes overpopulated and polluted

i think in any update instead of using biological monsters Gori should use giant robots

US military with f16 and f35 abrahms tanks and apatche helicopters are totally useless so spectreman comes in and saves it, only after being conflicted kinda like war of the worlds

i actually discussed dr gori's philosophy and aims on philosophy forums

dr gori thinks preserving biological life and freedom from garbage trash and pollution. it is an ethical mandate.
his way to do this is to kill every single human being alive, man woman and child, and then reverse all the evil humanity has done
earth will look like it did before there were any humans

dr gori and spectreman had debates of this nature. kinda like philosophy debates.

Dr gori isn't a mindless evil like skynet's AI from terminator, or xmen apocalpyse.

these are environmentalist views.

the thought of watching it with completely updated special effects in modern say new york, causing buildings to collapse wow bounce

the original

an update

i've always wondered how this would go over in germany since spectreman salute is also the same as the nazi heil hitler salute

the primary audience

1- gen X old enough to have seen it when it was on tv in 70s and 80s
2- young children

perhaps making spectreman a young or teen kid who was chosen by overlord for this special mission to stop gori

this kid would be someone like harry potter someone kids can identify with

this is different from original when it was an adult japanese guy who worked in pollution control

perhaps gori can meet some environmentalists and like a sith lord seduce them into becoming monsters with the promise he will stop all pollution and trash

in effect spectreman and gori's monsters are both puppets of gori and overlord, transformed humans alien

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