Unusual Suspects Season 9 Ep. 9 Cara Jo Roberts Nina Whitney & JonBenet Ramsey

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Unusual Suspects Season 9 Ep. 9 Cara Jo Roberts Nina Whitney & JonBenet Ramsey

Post by redpill on Thu Dec 07, 2017 1:51 pm


i just watched  Unusual Suspects Season 9 Ep. 9 about 2 separate murders in 2 different locations of Cara Jo Roberts & Nina Whitney  & rape of a third person.


Published on Dec 7, 2017

A young mother's body is found in the bath in what police think is an accident. Evidence doesn't add up and the case quickly turns into a murder investigation. Two more victims are connected to the murderer who cops must hunt down before he strikes again.

       Discovery Communications

like 99% of cases featured on i've never heard of nor seen this case before.

when you think about all the murders that happen, and murders i've never heard of, and day after day week after week year after year they feature all these murders

kinda scary.

since this is a project Tricia Griffith RDI forumsforjustice rebuttal

let's review Tricia Griffith claims

this is trasha griffith

Suspect trasha pictured below is an example of an anti-science denialist

this is what she claims

tricia griffith wrote:
Anti-K, this whole forum has example after example after example that an intruder did not commit this crime.

No one can show one scintilla of evidence of an intruder.

As owner, I do my best to stay out of actual discussions about a crime.

The JBR case is the one expection.

Websleuths is a leader in true crime information as well as discussion. People come here to get information. It is imperative we deal with the facts. Not fantasy.

All I ask for are facts and a logical connecting of the dots. Logic and facts.

When I get time I will be going through the forum to make sure the JonBenet Ramsey forum is being held up to the high standards just like all our other forums on Websleuths.

The days of allowing anyone to post anything because it's part of their "theory" are gone. Facts and logic. Very simple.

this is her qualifications

Host Tricia Griffith is a veteran radio disc jockey and owner of Websleuths.com and owner of Forums for Justice.org.

in other words she has ZERO qualifications in forensic science. she has no training in forensic fiber, trace evidence, DNA yet she claims

tricia griffith wrote:
Anti-K, this whole forum has example after example after example that an intruder did not commit this crime.

No one can show one scintilla of evidence of an intruder.

would Trasha's denialist reasoning if applied to other cases that were successfully solved with the same forensics that point to an intruder in the jonbenet case result in the correct result?

in the murder of Cara Jo Roberts

this is a home invasion home intruder

the husband of Cara Jo Roberts was the prime suspect, investigators thought there was no evidence pointing to anyone else

like Jonbenet, it was the husband who found Cara Jo Roberts murdered

LE and investigators of Missouri thought it was an inside job. the husband who found Cara Jo Roberts found Cara was cheating and shot her dead and then staged the crime scene.

When her husband came home from work that day at around 5:30pm, he found his wife in a bathtub full of water and blood, dead from a gunshot wound to the head. He immediately called the police.
Detectives found two zip-ties near the bathroom and a roll of duct tape on the floor of the master bedroom. The Kansas City Missouri Crime Lab developed a genetic profile of the suspect from DNA collected from the duct tape, ties, and male DNA from Cara Jo’s body.
Nonetheless, for years there were no suspects. The case went cold.

ref http://www.jcadvocate.com/2011/07/former-grandview-cop-charged-in-two.html

in the Cara Jo Roberts they found her with duct tape and 2 zip ties, they tested these items for DNA and found DNA duct tape, ties which also matched DNA found on Cara Jo’s body.

is duct tape and 2 zip ties evidence of an intruder, of someone other than her husband?

how does this compare with what was found in the Jonbenet crime scene?

they enter this DNA into CODIS no match. so the Husband was still the suspect.


Then on October 29, 2010, another violent murder occurred.
Nina Whitney, age 75, was found by a female relative that evening in her home at 11800 Belmont in south Kansas City. Nina had been stabbed multiple times and strangled. As in Cara Jo’s murder, Nina’s bathtub upstairs was filled with water.
There were no signs of a forced entry, which left detectives wondering if Nina had known the man who killed her. Male DNA was collected from Nina’s body, which matched that of the man who had killed Cara Jo two years prior.

ref ibid

the DNA in the Nina Whitney was DNA found on her shirt. is this evidence? That DNA could come from any number of sources, not necessarily her killer. Since you can't prove the killer put it there, it has no evidence, is this the correct RDI trasha griffith reasoning?

that DNA matched DNA from the earlier Cara Jo Roberts murder

Evidence, in this case duct tape, cable ties and touch DNA, which Trasha Griffith and RDI denialists are claiming is not a scintilla of evidence of an intruder in the Jonbenet case, is evidence that solves real cases on ID channel and forensic files.

the other thing is wow, so many murders, this one fairly recent and i've never heard of it.
so many murders wow.

if i get murdered,

will ID channel feature my relatives and neighbors talking about my murder and the detectives and will it be on the ID channel?

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