I wonder what atheists like Marshall Brain think of keeping Muslims out and Australia's Q Society

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I wonder what atheists like Marshall Brain think of keeping Muslims out and Australia's Q Society

Post by redpill on Fri Dec 08, 2017 2:26 pm

Fri Dec 08, 2017 1:53 pm

this is atheist Marshall Brain

I've read Marshall Brain  whywontgodhealamputees.com and godisimganary

I for the most part agree with what he says.

he says here
marshall brain wrote:
If you are a Christian, you are about to begin a fascinating journey. In the next ten minutes it will become clear to you that your belief in God is delusional.

The problem is that your delusion, combined with the delusion of billions of other religious people like you, is hurting us as a species. It does not matter if you are a fundamentalist Christian, a moderate Christian or a casual Christian. Your delusion is hurting us.

The goal of this short video is to help you look in a mirror and understand the delusion of Christianity. Once you can see what is going on, the hope is that you will be able to start healing your delusion. With each healing, we make our world a better place.

As an Atheist Marshall's claim is that religion harms society and that society would be better off without Christians. He doesn't say this in this passage, but he would also include Jews and Muslims

In Australia there is Q Society of Australia

Q Society president Debbie Robinson

they want all muslims out of Australia. They want Muslims to go back to where they came from. Muslims not welcomed in Australia.
Keep Australia Muslim free.

Marshall Brain and Debbie Robinson both agree that belief in the (muslim) god harms society, and should be removed.
Seems like a Survivor style alliance between the Q society and atheists

Atheist Marshall Brain wants us to imagine a society and a world free of religion and god. Q Society president Debbie Robinson wants us to imagine a world free of muslims. Britain First is a similar party in UK.

Australia and UK are literally an island. It is time to vote.

Presumably Jews tribe are next in line for removal. for being voted off the island.

Q society and anti-muslim Kirralie Smith was actually sued for defamation by a muslim

not a bad sight at all.

the far right side of politics is a pathway to many policies the left would consider to be hateful.

would it be possible to learn such policies?

not from the left.

Should atheists join far right groups in demanding no immigration to theists like Muslims Jews and even Christians?

atheists and anti-muslims working side by side


of course as in Survivor as the numbers start dwindling, atheists and anti-Muslim Christians will have to turn on one another
so that in the end only one tribe can be declared the sole surviving tribe.

it'd make for an interesting survivor, start with 4 tribes, christian atheists muslim jews
who wins?





I wonder what Marshall Brain and Debbie Robinson think of Spectreman's Dr. Gori solution to theists who pollute the environment (as well as atheists who pollute)

Gori wants to get rid of them. permanently. in his view i've described 100% of the human species.

If you only knew the POWER of the Daubert side

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