Snoke like Elvis is dead *spoilers for Last Jedi warning*

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Snoke like Elvis is dead *spoilers for Last Jedi warning*

Post by redpill on Sun Dec 17, 2017 10:50 pm

Sun Dec 17, 2017 10:39 pm

*spoilers for Last Jedi warning*

i'm watching

i feel the same way he does, seeing Snoke troll General Hux Zapping Kylo with lightening then TK'ing Rey was specularly and fun.

i was feeling high. watching force power special effects gets me high

i actually think Snoke is hilarious. i totally did not expect that light saber to boomerang and hit Rey in the back of the head

snoke seems to be having a good laugh. he also giggled when he said how wise luke is.

luke why so serious?

but um, i think Snoke is dead. yeah they can say he lives because it was all an illusion like Luke, or Snoke transferred his essence to an object

but with only 1 movie left in this trilogy Epiosde IX and the idea of balance, with Luke dead Snoke also has to be dead so that balance comes in Kylo and Rey, who are like Legend of Mortis Son and Daughter

star wars theory has an interesting observation that at the end of the movie kylo can still talk to rey telepathically suggesting snoke is still alive making that connection possible.

if snoke is alive in episode 9, i guess the story could be kylo and rey working together to beat snoke.

or snoke comes back as a force ghost. maybe kylo sacrifices himself to save rey like vader luke.

at best the new trilogy that will be shown might show Snoke's backstory, either it is a prequel to TFA or set in the old republic.

Snoke like Elvis is dead

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