how The Last Jedi could have ended on a cliff hanger *spoilers warning*

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how The Last Jedi could have ended on a cliff hanger *spoilers warning*

Post by redpill on Thu Dec 21, 2017 3:59 pm

Thu Dec 21, 2017 3:38 pm

this post *spoilers warning* The   Last Jedi

TFA famously ends with Rey offering Luke his light saber, with Luke staring at it and Rey

The   Last Jedi  had a similar opportunity but missed it,

for the most part i didn't care for the subplot involving Rose Finn and that code breaker guy going on that planet and seeing animal race and how gambling and arms deals is how the First Order makes money. i'd cut that that out, as well as some of the car chase stuff, and Leia doing a superman.

i'd have Leia die peacefully and Luke senses her death.

i'd also cut out the last act on Crait

that cuts out maybe 30 minutes of run time

so this Last Jedi revision would be now 120 minutes

however, i of course would add more Snoke details and Snoke's back story, either Luke and Rey discuss Snoke on Achto or Rey and Kylo on the elevator.

maybe more training of Luke on Rey, warning her of the dangers of the dark side and of Snoke.

I'd expand the scene between Snoke and Rey.

for joseph Campbell's hero of a thousand faces to hold, Snoke needs to offer Rey the temptation of power, of the dark side.

the scene where Kylo turns on Snoke and kills Snoke, then Rey and Kylo fight snoke's Praetorian guard

after they are defeated, the cliff hanger for episode 9 is this

Rey asks Kylo to call off the attack

Kylo said he would, but that Rey must join him. Kylo extends his hand and offers Rey to join him just like the TLJ

Kylo promises to stop the attack on the Resistance fleet, only if Rey joins him. he offers her that they can rule the galaxy as husband and wife

but then the movie ends there.

that's the cliff hanger for episode 9

Does Rey accept Kylo's offer?

Kylo offers to teach Rey the ways of the Force

Kylo says old things must die, and that together we can bring peace to the galaxy

the very last scene before movie ends is Rey lifting her hand seemingly to accept Kylo's hand

so all the buzz for episode 9, does Rey join Kylo

remember in this version leia dies peacefully along with admiral ackbar

so kylo would say to rey that her parents are both dead, and his parents are now dead and luke wants to die. its time to leave that behind
and they can together rule the galaxy

so the movie is still 150 minutes with this new material 30 minutes of more luke training rey and the ways of the force, rey and snoke discussion, snoke's origins, kylos final offer

episode 9 can have luke's death and some of the material in the third act

so the movie ends on this cliff hanger,

just like TFA ended with a cliff hanger

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