Merry Christmas - Great Courses Bart Ehrman and Yale Courses on Early Christianity

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Merry Christmas - Great Courses Bart Ehrman and Yale Courses on Early Christianity

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Merry Christmas

History is one of my fav topics.

One example, I once owned a Playstation 3 and played one game, Call of Duty World at War, about WW2.

In that video game, it includes fighting the Japanese from Americans and fighting Germans from Soviets. This is known as the Eastern Front.

In one scene, you play as a private sniper at Stalingrad. On the road to Berlin part of the game has you in a Soviet T-34 tank blasting away at German tanks.

So I decided to watch documentaries, read wikipedia articles about the Eastern Front and movie Enemies at the Gate as well as Fury.

I also briefly downloaded and played World of Tanks a few years back. I learned of both Sherman Tanks, Soviet T-34 tank, and German Panzer, Panther, and Tiger tanks.

Way back in the 90s there were some quality documentaries on the American Civil War, with reenactment, such as the fighting on Culp's hill. The final years of the American Civil War made extensive use of trench warfare, prefiguring WW1.

I had attended both a Catholic elementary school in my early years, and my parents took me to an Evangelical church. So during the week I saw nuns and priests and on the weekend, it was Evangelical. It was highly confusing to me. I of course now know these are 2 different religions.

My local library has Great Courses on Tapes, and one features professor is Bart Ehrman. They have several courses on Early Christianity, such as the New Testament, history of Early Christianity, up to Constantine and Medieval Christianity.

The Tv Show Vikings, consults actual historians, depict medieval Christianity. In this season, the Vikings raid a church and literally start raping and murdering the Anglo-Saxon church goers, in church, and they kill a priest by pouring gold into his mouth.

From these sources I learned of the variants of early Christianity and overlap with Judaism, such as the Gnostics, the Essenes, and the Ebionites.

I have had some interest in religion as miracles is essentially a form of magic and super power.

If you can perform a miracle healing, such as healing a blind man or raising a dead person back to life, you essentially have a super power.

In the Gospels Jesus claims if you had faith as small as a mustard seed you can move mountains.

Well in the Last Jedi, Jedi Rey moves mountains at the end after Luke's speech to Kylo Ren.

Youtube has documentaries, such as documentaries on Constantine

and similar to Great Courses on tape,

it has Yale Courses, here professor on Constantine

Dale Martin Yale

Dale Martin and Bart Ehmran Great Courses material overlaps substantially.

I like being told stories and both Dale Martin and Bart Ehrman talks about the New Testament and its situation in first century Judaism and the Roman world. I like the stories they tell.

The end of the Last Jedi there were several children with brooms, and one was talking about Luke Skywalker to the children.
Early Christianity spread in a similar fashion, through stories.

I actually emailed both Bart Ehrman AND Dale Martin about the Jesus myth theory, the theory Jesus never existed, and both replied it's a crackpot theory that no credentialed New Testament scholar and historian puts any credence in.

In writing historiography, the historian has to make sense not only the materials for what they actually say, but the rise of early Christians and other surviving documents. The claim Jesus never existed simply ignores New Testament documents and then creates a giant gaping hole in first century Judea history, leaving unexplained how Christians came to be and their belief in a messiah who was crucified under Pontius Pilate

I will say that when I read the Gospels and New Testament as a young boy, Jesus in the Gospels said a lot of things that made NO SENSE whatsoever
I read the NIV version, not KJV.

Such as if your hand causes you to sin cut it off, if yoru eyes cause you to sin, gouge out your eyes. Jesus talks about eunuchs. What is a eunuch?
Jesus also frequently compares people he doesn't like to dogs. Whats wrong with dogs? And he talks about wicked lazy servants to be thrown into the fire where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. and I was told Satan the devil are real and demons are real. Hell is also real.

I'm nonbeliever now, but if I were to have children read the Gospels, I'd have them heavily edited so that the material I mentioned would be simply deleted.  affraid Doing so would of course imply a new religion.

as any scholar of the New Testament knows, the simplest explanation of the Synoptic problem is that Matthew and Luke wrote independently of one another, but both had Mark and a sayings collection known as Q. And Luke, being the most interested in Gentiles, deleted all kinds of material present in Mark and Matthew that he thought would offend Gentiles, such as calling a begging woman for bread crumbs a dog.

My own position is that some of the sayings in the Gospel of Thomas comes from a source independent of the canonical gospels, and is as old is was Q, as well as the sayings in Mark. Then over time another person editted them and added 2nd century Gnostic material

but if you're starting a new religion, presenting religious truths does not need to depend on historical truths.

If there is no christian god, then this is all sort of useless knowledge. Thanks to Ehrman and others I actually know some of the big heresies like Arianism (denies deity of Christ) to Nestorionism (claims that Christ had but 1 nature, human and divine, in union) and my favorite, Marcionism (denies that the god of Jesus is the same god as the god of the Jews)  But it is also a part of history. it's of historical interest much as interest and  knowledge of the American Civil war and the Eastern Front is historical interest.

the atheist answer to what happens when you die is it's all over. no afterlife. no consciousness of any kind  pale So Jonbenet has been dead for 21 years and she's not alive as an angel or anything, she's dead and lifeless and has no consciousness and neither will I  pale

I didn't attend Church but I did rewatch some of the documentaries on early Christianity such as Dale Martin's Yale lectures.

Merry Christmas 2017  bounce

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