What if Spectreman's Dr. Gori met Captain Planet and the Planeteers crossover

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What if Spectreman's Dr. Gori met Captain Planet and the Planeteers crossover

Post by redpill on Thu Dec 28, 2017 3:36 pm

Thu Dec 28, 2017 2:58 pm

I recently saw this comic

its a cross over involving 2 big 80s cartoons, the Thundercats and He-Man. I actually watched both on my tv as a kid. brings back old memories.

if you tell today's kid, sword of omens, eye of thunder give me sight beyond sight i doubt they would know.

published by DC comics, which surprises me.

so the premise of this comic is that Mumra wants a sword to rival Lion-os Sword of Omens, and so he wants He-mans sword.

got me thinking about cross overs and one cross over in particular

What if Spectreman's Dr. Gori met Captain Planet and the Planeteers crossover

i've seen only 1 episode of Captain Planet. by the time it came out I was already an adult and moved on to Star Trek.

"the power is yours"

Captain Planet was the brain child of Ted Turner, who is an environmentalist. He wanted to create a Saturday morning cartoon for the kids
so he came up with Captain Planet someone who will save the world. Ironically Ted Turner is a successful business man and media mogul, a billionaire, but the targets of Captain Planet are businessmen who pollute.

I'm not sure to what extent Ted Turner and TNT was familiar with Spectreman, but a group of Japanese media produces actually had similar idea with a twist.

Spectreman's and specifically Dr. Gori


what i have to say would only make sense to adults who watched spectreman as young children, because it is otherwise unbelieveable

but at the time, spectreman had some of the most amazing special effects for young children.

the show itself though isn't actually suited for children, one of spectreman's monster looks like a giant brain and literally suck japanese brains out of their skulls. this show by modern standards has substandard special effects and obviously brain sucking is too intense for little children.

now here's the crossover issue

dr gori like captain planet are both environmentalists, and both want a healthy pristine environment free from pollution

the twist is Dr. Gori uses a word, a big word for little children watching the show, a word i didn't know what it meant, to explain how he plans to keep earth pristine and pollution free.


you have a show for little kids and dr gori says he wants to genocide polluters.

dr gori wants to wipe out the entire human race and create earth into a pollution and trash free garden of eden

if you have a cross over

what would captain planet say about dr gori's design?

i prefer spectreman's intro

but yeah captain planet would agree with dr gori that the earthlings are polluting and trashing planet earth

how would captain planet answer dr gori intentions as long as there are humans on earth there will be trash and pollution so get them out of the way

in one episode dr gori creates a virus, infected a japanese family and boy who was immune to the virus, but they can spread it and wipe out the entire human race. spectreman quarantees and finds a cure for this family so this outcome is averted.

but killer viruses to wipe out pollution causing humans is how dr gori wants to address pollution.

there was that one episode in spectreman

japan is only 1% christian

spectreman faced a vampire that drank polluted japanese women blood, and this vampire battled spectreman.
this vampire takes the vampire teeth and uses it as a dagger and literally stabs another alien sheriff and spectreman, causing bleeding

again, not for kids. polluted is kinda big word for little kids.

but ultimately it was a cross and prayer that defeated this vampire, not spectreman directly. spectremen then carries the cross

i think i was 5 years old when i saw this.

who would win in a fight,

spectreman or captain planet?


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