Village of the Damned Harris Family murder and safety lesson

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Village of the Damned Harris Family murder and safety lesson

Post by redpill on Mon Jan 01, 2018 2:46 pm

Mon Jan 01, 2018 2:12 pm

i just watched Village of the Damned Harris Family murder and the death of a toddler 2 year old by her mother

here's a picture summary

this family

let this person in their home

resulting in this

Murdered with her parents and brother right before Christmas.

you can read an account here

i don't know this family personally but apparently this family were good church going christians who wanted to be good christians and follow christ's example of helping the poor and needy, and that black guy came in on a bicycle asking for help, using the phone. since they and the killer is dead, presumably it's the house cleaning mother who told this.

once upon a time i went to church and listened to the preacher talk about the parable of the good Samaritan and how Christ wants us to help the poor and needy

but um christ won't send an angel to protect you in case the poor and needy pulls a gun and demands your money.

 for me there's one simple safety lesson

never let a stranger in your home. like ever. sorry but you don't know if they have a gun knife or will attempt to over power you and rob you or kill you.

i would only listen to jesus is if he sends an angel(s) to me to protect me in the event the poor needy person is really a robber and killer, which he has never done.

i've never seen an angel, nor heard god talk to me. and i'm someone who read Emmanuel Swedenborg and attended Swedenborg New Church to learn more about angels than what the bible contains, which is very little.

there's possibly another safety lesson here but i'm not going to spell it out.  i'm afraid of black crime

in addition to white hate groups, there's a blog stuffblackpeople don't like by Paul Kersey.

Paul Kersey is happy to list all the times a white person is murdered by a black person, and this crime would be an example of that. Paul Kerseys passion in life is to list all the times whites have been killed by blacks.

i find it interesting that atheist blogger Marshall Brain of why doesn't god heal amputees blames christians and their delusional belief in god as the problem in america. Paul Kersey at stuff black peopledont like blames black people for destroying america. i'm surprised paul kersey hasn't been murdered yet marshall brain and paul kersey both think america is sick nation. for marshall it's christians, for paul it's black people.

marshall brain points out all the times the bible has god ordering acts of genocide on the philillstines amalekites etc. paul kersey has actual examples of blacks killing white people, pulled from news headlines.

as for me   the ID channel has plenty of murders of whites killing whites, including Murder among friends, where white friends murder their white friends.

neither paul krrsey nor marshall brain would comment on something like this

by this guy

paul kersey never mentions whites being killed by whites.
i do agree that though black males are potentially much more dangerous.

they also discuss a toddler who was murdered by her mother, in this case a white female toddler by her white female mother

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