my plot ideas for star wars episode 9 *TLJ spoilers*

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my plot ideas for star wars episode 9 *TLJ spoilers*

Post by redpill on Mon Jan 01, 2018 11:25 pm

Mon Jan 01, 2018 11:05 pm

this post contains spoilers to TLJ.

my plot ideas for star wars episode 9

keep in mind Star wars is pure fantasy, it's not the real world. in the real world a woman falling in love with a psychopath is highly alarming

iirc there was one woman who fell in love with .... serial killer Ted Bundy.

star wars is a fairly tale like beauty and the beast, in the real world kylo ren is a psychopath and serial killer.

in fairly tale, star wars is what it is because it is about redemption. the first 6 movies are about the rise of anakin skywalker, his fall from grace, and his eventual redemption by his son luke. and vader was quite the monster, killing young children and basically everyone.

having seen TLJ i asked myself what needs to be resolved, plot wise, story lines, esp now that carrie fisher has died, but Leia did not die.

TFA was directed by jj abrams
TLJ rian johnson

episode 9 will again be directed by JJ abrams

JJ Abrams could do anything he wants. if he wants to bring snoke back, claiming it was all an illusion, he can.
if episode 9 is the last movie in this triology, i think snoke should remain dead since everything has to be concluded in a 2-hour movie.

but story wise, what would be a good story for audience to wrap up.

one unresolved issue is that disney given the keys to rian johson to write the next triology, which rian says will be new territory and apparently not set in the old republic. could be future, could be something entirely different.

if it intends to follow up on episode 9 with episode 10 directly after events of 9 then obviously that gives another 3 movies to conclude the story that started with TFA.

if not, then episode 9 should conclude the storyline of TFA.

if episode 9 is indeed the conclusion of TFA and TLJ,

one storyline is, will ben solo be redeemed from the dark side, and if so how?

will he turn from the light?

well to make it a true star wars movie, in spirit of ROTJ, i would argue that ben solo has to be redeemed.

but how?

simple. reylo.

i think the movie can resolve like this. ben solo realizes he is in love with rey and that being with rey is the only thing that will make him happy.

he attempts to woo rey.

the knights of ren, now that snoke is dead, decides to kill rey.

so knights of ren ambush rey with intent to kill her, but kylo decides to save rey. he fights them off but is mortally injured, in the process destroying the remaining knights of ren,

he dies in a tearful rey, who like beauty in beauty in the beast, becomes one with the force

so the story is akin to beauty and the beast, kylo ren is redeemed as he saves rey from his own knights of ren.

it is falling in love with rey which is what redeems ben solo from the dark side.

if this is the direction jj abrams and disney take episode 9

you read it hear first.

i think 1 knight of ren escapes, and rey is still alive, setting up conflict for episode 10 and beyond.

beauty and the beast is a classic fairly tale. disney made a billion dollars off it. having star wars re-tell this fairytale with 2 force users rey and ben falling in love would continue star wars following fairy tale stories.

in my version, perhaps 1 knight of ren lives, continuing the dark side, kylo dies saving rey. rey lives, most of the resistance lives. general hux continues to lead the first order. remaining knight of ren should vow to uphold snoke's vision of a unified galaxy. i'd imagine he should be male, perhaps oriental indian or arab male for diversity.

perhaps a twist in that resistance and first order have to face a new threat, a new split in the galaxy . in the old EU it was the youzong vong which originated from outside the galaxy
perhaps this third split is like the new separatists/confederacy, complete with new droid army led by admiral enigma

thus leading to episode 10

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