my thoughts on The Last Jedi: De-Feminized Fanedit 47-minute cut LMAO

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my thoughts on The Last Jedi: De-Feminized Fanedit 47-minute cut LMAO

Post by redpill on Wed Jan 17, 2018 4:04 pm

Wed Jan 17, 2018

in star wars news i've learned of The Last Jedi: De-Feminized Fanedit  47-minute cut in which most of the scenes involving the women of the movie, Rey Leia were shorten and Holdo and Rose cut entirely.

the news talks about a feminist outrage over this cut.

Writing for the AV Club on Univision’s network of sites, Sam Barsanti describes the hackjob as a “horrid, misogynistic fan edit,” and calls its creator an “enterprising creep” who “decided to put his frustrations to ‘good’ use and edit The Last Jedi into a movie that’s a bit more palatable to misogynists, racists, and overall idiots.”

Barsanti goes into significant detail about how the cut bunched up his underwear, describing it as “fucking shameful.”

Inverse’s Corey Plante went a bit further, arguing that the edit’s existence proves the need to have powerful women in Star Wars—as if Leia didn’t already exist decades ago. The article’s subtitle on Twitter reads: “We should all be outraged.”

someone is triggered

curious i decided to check it out.


in response to feminists

one of the very best story arcs in the Clone Wars is the arc of umbara, featuring 500th clone troopers and Pong Krell

it is 100% all male cast, the clone troopers are all male, the umbarans are all male, and pong krell is male and there is ZERO females.

yet its one of the best star wars stories ever

so you don't actually have to have any females in a star wars story to make it a great story, as Pong Krell and the clone troopers shows.

obviously there are many audiences and each audience member might have their own ideas of what they want.

2 really good example of high action all male movies (or nearly all male)

is Die Hard and The Rock. perhaps The Fugitive could also be added.

Had Star Wars TFA and now TLJ featured say male Jedi student under Luke, and a mostly male cast, it could be a good action thriller movie where the hero fights off bad guys with lethal effect like Die Hard and  Mason in the Rock.

i think a stand alone movie, similar to Pong Krell, could be shown, say a male jedi like Quinlan Vos, who is an order 66 survivor, killing scores of clones like John McClain in Die Hard or Mason navy seals in The Rock. have it directed by Michael Bay

The Last Jedi: De-Feminized Fanedit  47-minute cut shows that potential existed, with Poe Dameron being a John McClain or Mason in the Rock.

it is, after all Star Wars. Wars.

perhaps they could make a separate movie line, star crossed, a love story more in line. a romance set in a star wars universe.

i suspect the real reason these feminists are triggered, is that this cut is in some ways better than the original - the problem being there is no context for a lot of the scenes so the cut as a stand alone doesn't make any sense. it goes too quickly for one scene to the next. Last Jedi was more about pushing a femnist agenda then telling a great story.

and these feminists expressing outrage over a cut, are like Survivor whose plan was exposed.
how is simply removing the main women in the movie in itself "“enterprising creep” who “decided to put his frustrations to ‘good’ use and edit The Last Jedi into a movie that’s a bit more palatable to misogynists, racists, and overall idiots.”

for a "good" if strange review red letter media mr plinkett review of PT, and i agree with plinkett. the reason PT is important is that the EU expansion clone wars stories are stories i really enjoy. warning it's kinda strange with women in the basement and cats.

re: last jedi, i would have made different choices in both TFA and TLJ. i'm heavily influenced by mr plinkett review of prequels. to be fair other star war fans read my list of ideas and said it's a good thing i wasn't writing the script.

when i was watching the force awakens rey seemingly could do everything perfectly no mistakes on the first try even though her background is a scavenger. it stretches suspension of disbelief

other fans noticed it and call her a mary sue. rey making mistakes and being wrong would show her being human AND could be funny. but you know, girl power and all that. some feminists might call such a movie sexist as it shows rey a woman as incompetent but other movies like mr plinkett outlines the male character makes mistake and creates funny situations.

if i were writing a script order 66 quinlan vos, i would make die hard, the rock, the fugitive as the basis of writing the story for quinlan vos being attacked by clones and attempting to survive. dark horse has a series of comics just on this.

it would be an action thriller and all the major characters male. an all male clone want male jedi quinlan vos dead, his head on a platter due to order 66. quinlan wants to stay alive by whatever means possible and seek revenge on the sith. die hard and the rock and in the fugitive evading capture.

i think the twist in the end is quinlan vos survives meets snoke. and becomes snokes apprentice.

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