my thoughts on Action Lab Hero Cats of Stellar City vol 1 and 2

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my thoughts on Action Lab Hero Cats of Stellar City vol 1 and 2

Post by redpill on Thu Jan 18, 2018 11:08 am

Wed Jan 17, 2018

I just finished reading Action Lab Hero Cats of Stellar City vol 1 and 2, which contain comics #1-6

I've never heard of Action Lab prior to late dec 2017, though I am aware of a huge list of comic book publishers
in addition to the famous Marvel and DC, both of which have huge multinational Disney and Time Warner backing plus lucrative movie deals.

Small bit players range from from Image to IDW to Dynamite Boom Studios Vault.

i had no idea that there is enough demand for comics, since Borders has gone out of business and most of the comic book stores i know of have also went out of business. Barnes only carries a couple of titles. seemingly bleak.

i've mostly outgrown and lost interest in comics, and right now i find x-men and other comics to be a confusing mess. the major exception are the star wars comics, and even i only read them if they feature jedi vs sith and the force.

I do like cats and I've wondered what they would say if they could speak and I also like comics, or once did.

So Action Lab, again a company I've never heard of before dec 2017 decided that they could make money on a comic featuring cats as main characters. cats, not dogs or other pets like birds hamsters

their website

Kyle Puttkammer

Creator/Writer/Executive Producer
Kyle Puttkammer is on a mission. Every day he works to inspire new readers and create comics that appeal to all ages. Leading a band of talented artists, Kyle is building an exciting shared universe of titles. He is the writer of Hero Cats and Midnight Over Stellar City. He has also created and inked Galaxy Man & Cosmic Girl comics. Kyle currently lives in Georgia with his family and three cats.

as a kid i thought it'd be cool to make comics like Kyle Puttkammer is doing with hero cats.

the team had a huge array of choices to make, for example would hero cats interact with only other animals like

The Lion King

or include humans. and should it be set in medieval times or modern times. who is the target audience? does it include non-cat animals like dogs birds squirrels

well it is set in modern times, stellar city, it has humans including their heros galaxy man and his daughter cosmic girl, but the father doesnt know his daughter is cosmic girl. in vol 1 and 2, it only involves cats

the target audience is clearly kids.

the first volume interest a variety of cats, from casopeia (sp?) an orange cat that can read to belle a himalayan that looks identical to a cat that i once owned and midnight a black cat and rocco and rocket

the artwork is quite good.
IMO dark horse star wars by John ostrander and jan duursema has the best comic book artwork #1 or A,
i'd rate this artwork as being a #3 or B with black and white manga being a D-F or 6

these cats are pets to humans but can also think and talk like a human, but also come together as a kind of superteam like the superfriends

there are a lot of ads in the graphics novel which made it hard for me to follow.

comics have typically featured super heros fighting villians and early on they engage in a boy villian who plays video games but galaxy man got the credit.

the cats interact with humans like ordinary cats, so they have a secret life where they talk

vol 1 ends with casopedia an orange cat going through an american ninja warrior obstacle course where she races against another cat rocket. casopedia super power is she can read english texts and she quotes sun tzu.

"great results can be achieved with small forces"

"if you know the enmy and know yourself your victory will not stand in doubt"

"the opportunity of defeating the enemy is provided by the enemy himself" sun tzu

kinda sort of reminds me of how in kung fu panda they quote and give fortune cookie wisdom

"there is no i in team" - the lobster samurai or something like that

i actually dig this sort of thing and dream of investing a religion - yoda do or do not there is no try and we are what they grow beyond. that is the true burden of any master

stellar city planned pethood LMAFO though i doubt kids would get the reference

in the second volume the team of cats is assembled

a sink hole opens and they explore it and encounter an alien people living underground

casopeia learns that cosmic girl is galaxy mans daughter but galaxy man does not know this.

cats investigate a "crime scene" and a mad scientist is using a machine that looks like a tanning booth to grow large vegetables and a teen girl cheerleader uses it for a tan and grows giant size

these stories are far removed from the dark horse star wars comics i used to read, and the x-men and wolverine comics

definitely light hearted in tone. so while wolverine will literally kill navy seals sent to attack him by Mr X, here a cat shows her owner that the guy is trying to scam her for money as an example of crime fighting. no kylo ren slicing snoke in half

it only took me about half and hour to read both, though on the first read i obviously wasn't clear the ads look like comics.

i'll check out vol 3 and 4 next.

i originally got into comics when i was learning to read in kindergarden, though marvel xmen used big words like mutants. what is a mutant?
what is a mutation? i now know that while mutant and mutation and eugenics are real science terms, marvel comics use of them is pure fantasy

i think what i read is fine for cat lovers and kids, but yeah if you're idea of a good comic is wolverine going berserk and killing sabretooth and a bunch of ninjas of the hand, this comic isn't for you.

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