recent school shooting, prayer in school and skeptics, Orania my take

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recent school shooting, prayer in school and skeptics, Orania my take

Post by redpill on Sun Mar 04, 2018 10:40 pm

Sun Mar 04, 2018

in light of the recent school shooting in Florida and possibly others, as well as planned school shootings that were foiled

there has been preachers who have said that this is the result of taking prayer out of public school.

once upon a time, there was prayer in public school. then in the 1950 teacher lead prayer in school was struck down as unconstitutional, violating the separation of church and state.

of course there are preachers who seized on this as evidence that everything that has gone wrong with America is the result of taking God and prayer and the bible out of the classroom.

i agree with the Supreme court that school prayer in the USA violates separation of church and state.

i just watched this video from an atheist darkmatter2525

darkmatter2525 has pretty cool videos and mostly i agree with what he says

i am an independent thinker.

when i watch these videos about documentaries of the 1950's such as ID channel A crime to remember, and these documentaries of life in Nazi Germany

i of course was never born in this time period.

there's something to be said about fostering a public spirit.

i don't believe prayer has much if any effect.

but USA isn't the only country on earth. There's Australia and Canada.

more to the point there are racially and ethnically homogeneous nations like japan korea china india, africa, arab nations muslim

nations where everyone is of the same race and history

i would think that if these nations were to invent a new religion of their traditional historical deities one that hopefully isn't too crazy, and force their students to daily school prayer, it could have some possible benefits in reducing certain adverse outcomes in life.

politics aside those who were young children during the nazi germany say that the nazi tried hard to foster a national unity. the nazi tried to present themselves as wholesome.

so my nuance view is that in the USA, prayer in a multiracial society is simply ridiculous and a violation of the US constitution.

but i think if a racially homogenous nation like taiwan and korea or japan were to force its students to praying to the national deity of that nation, learning a non-crazy insane religion, it could actually possibly make its people a better people. i'm a nonbeliever in christianity myself and i think the bible is b.s. the god of the bible is the god of israel, not the god of korea or japan.

i'm not overly attached to democracy. i'm more interested in results.

if the result of a nation like japan or korea forcing children to pray to korean or japanese gods results in less crime and more family then i'm all for those results.

to put it another way if you're an atheist and you think USA and western culture is circling the drain, and part of making the world a better place is to participate in school prayer to that nation's national deity
why not? and if u don't like it u can always leave.

north korea in effect has created a new religion based on the dear leader kim.

i've heard that the chinese government is working on inventing a form of christianity that is friendly to chinese communist interests.

hitler and the nazi promoted what they called positive chrisianity which is a form of christianity that was germanized and friendly to nazi interests, in which they removed the old testament and all references to jews and judaism. it didn't succeed, but it'd be interesting to speculate what if

so yeah something like that.

i think all religions are human inventions, but then i'm typing this via the internet, which is also a human invention and i've had the flu shot and antibiotics also human inventions.

i want to bring order to the nation state.

as a possible example, imagine norway bringing back thor and odin like vikings tv show

forcing all the norweigns to pray to thor and odin
and if muslims and jews don't like being forced to pray to odin, they can leave
as for atheists who don't believe in thor, are they a norweign patriot or not?
if not, they can leave. if they are, it's about honoring the ancestors and history and tradition.

norway is the homeland of the vikings.
korea for the koreans norway for the norweigns.

the drawback is that in the viking religion, u go to Valhalla based on how many people u murder. Valhalla is for viking warrior. and vikings were ultra violent and murdered a lot of people. bloody eagle anyone? at least thats what i get from watching the tv show.

in israel all citizens are required to study the hebrew bible in school, private or public. and in israel the national deity is yahweh. their history and heroes center on moses david and solomon and the prophets.

in orania

you are required to practice calvinist protestant christianity to be a member of orania


orania is an example of what i am thinking.

something along these lines for a racial cultural homogeneous nation.

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