Virus and doomsday

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Virus and doomsday

Post by redpill on Tue Mar 06, 2018 11:23 pm


Tue Mar 06, 2018

in the news Africa is currently hit with the Lassa virus, which has effects similar to Ebola

Lassa fever: Nigeria’s death toll rises to 110

Lassa is a different virus from Ebola, equally terrifying. bio-hazard Level-4

not too long ago Africa was hit with both Marburg and Ebola virus

we have gotten off a flu season described as one of the worst in recent memory, USA, UK and Australia

some of this victims sounds more like Ebola

Emily Maddox 7

A 7 year-old Loganville girl is dead after suffering a heart attack at Egleston Hospital on Thursday. Emily Maddox was life-flighted to the hospital after suffering complete liver failure while battling the flu. As she awaited surgery, she went into cardiac arrest and passed away. February 151, 2018

fam wrote:
This morning at 7:30 our sweet precious 7 year old Emily Maddax went home to be with Jesus after fighting the flu since Friday. She was life flighted to Egleston Tuesday night when her liver started to fail. Which in turn over workded her kidneys, she went into complete liver failure and was put on dialysis and placed on the top of the transplant list. While she was not stable enough for surgery on Wednesday the hope was she would be today. Her little heart was so overworked she went into cardiac arrest and passed away.

flu? sounds more like EBOLA. I've gotten both cold and flu before, but I never had symptoms this servere. imagine a highly contagious mutant virus that killed 99% like this.

so Emily Maddox 7 and Emma Splan age 6 2 young white flowers died from flu

I won't be happy if i die from a virus but at least i know i'm not alone and the only one to die

Also in the news was a mother Heather Holland, 38, who refused to pay $116+ copay for tamiflu and died.

Feb 13, 2018 - Amid an already devastating flu season, the story of a Texas teacher who, sick with the flu, skipped her prescription for Tamiflu (oseltamivir) because of a $116 copay, and subsequently died of the illness, has struck many as a tragedy that could have been avoided. It's especially mystifying because of the ...

she died. the medical community though states Tamiflu is not very effective and its entirely possible she would have died anyway even if she got the prescription filled.

So you're paying $116 for a drug that may or may not work. Not sure what I would do.
I've gotten the flu many times and survived.

now imagine that victim flu virus mutates and wipes out humanity

this documentary describes a hypothetical scenario in which a mutant flu virus wipes out most of humanity

then there are the new virus

The family of a Missouri woman who died from a rare tick-borne illness is speaking out about the dangers of the virus, which has only been confirmed in a handful of patients since it was discovered in 2014.

in 2014. Tamela Wilson, who died June 23 of complications stemming from Bourbon virus, had worked at Meramec State Park in Sullivan, and removed two ticks from her body a few weeks prior to falling ill, The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported.

The 58-year-old woman’s stepmother, Kathy Potter, said doctors didn’t know to test for the disease, and diagnosed her with a urinary tract infection before sending her home with antibiotics.

when i hear the word bourbon, i think of delicious chicken you can buy at the mall. yummy.
but Bourbon virus is a new previously unknown virus transmitted by ticks that will kill you and no treatment.

I won't be happy if i die from a new, previously unknown virus with no treatment or vaccine, but at least I'm not the only one to die like this. Kathy Potter died this way to.

Two of my fav movies on deadly virus includes Outbreak and Contagion.
I prefer "realistic" virus movies to fantasy virus movies that turn people into zombies. I'm not a fan of 28 days later, for example.

Imagine living in a world where a virus decimates the entire world population.

Spectreman's Dr. Gori actually in one episode created such a virus, his motivation is that humans pollute and are destroying earth through pollution. humans are overpopulating the world, cutting down trees and forests to build cities, destroying earths natural beauty.

In Outerlimits episode Lithia

a virus wipes out all men and male children, and all babies born boys also die, leaving behind an all-female world. I wouldn't be around in such a world. It's an episode that imagines a world consisting only of women and girls. I'd imagine in such a world black women would still complain of racism. Not sure how purely hetero women would satisfy their urges.

But if a virus wipes out 99.9% but I happen to be one of the survivors, wow, what would my life be like? I guess it depends on what kind of people remain, good people or people who are like psychopath serial killers.

Honestly, if Spectreman's Dr. Gori - or god or jesus or a ufo - asked me for my opinion, he'd create a virus that selectively wiped out all the bad homicidal bullies and psycopaths and whether he should release such a virus onto humanity, my reply is go ahead. make my day.

imagine a world where all the bad people are dead from this virus, and only kind loving genuinely caring people are left. Like a Star @ heaven

If you only knew the POWER of the Daubert side

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