See No Evil S4 • E7 Money and debt

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See No Evil S4 • E7 Money and debt

Post by redpill on Thu Mar 08, 2018 10:31 pm

I just watched See No Evil S4 • E7 Money and debt

*spoiler warning*

if you intend to watch
Maurice's Last Visitor

On December 10th, 2011, Maurice Byrd is found dead in his home with multiple gunshot wounds. Security footage from a neighboring church reveals that prior to his body being discovered, Maurice had many visitors. But which one of them is his killer?

I'd suggest you read no further

images copyrighted to ID, I'm posting a few under fair use

*spoiler warning*

Maurice Byrd family called in worried about him. when police arrive they found this

dead full of bullet holes

home crime scene

he happened to live right next door to a church
 with security camera next door

it caught footage of this

they had no idea who that woman was but could tell she was elderly and drove a golden colored car

at Maurice funeral

an elderly woman asked Maurice family if they would repay the $20, 000 debt he owed them.  kinda caulous. they report she drove a golden camry and her name was Beverly McComb

so now police has name and face

they brought her in for questioning

she claims that she met a black guy named Max, and that she had sex with Max and it was Max who pulled the trigger

Max denied it said he was shopping in a grocery store at time of murder

police get security from grocery store at that exact time

Max was telling the truth. they showed this to Beverly McComb and she confessed.

She states Maurice convinced her to give her $20, 000 to build a woman's shelter. Beverly handed over the check. $20, 000

some time later she wanted to collect the $20, 000 and Maucice said he doesn't have the money.

So she got angry and shot and killed him. She then went to his funeral and asked his family to repay the money.

She had met a 39 year old black male for sex at a hotel. She was  65 and white. A lot of white women want sex with black males. and she is one of them. personally i'd decline having sex with a 65 year old elderly woman who is heavy set and all wrinkly but Max agreed.

Beverly gave Max name as the actual killer but confessed she killed Maurice and acted alone.

so instead of collecting $20, 000 she heads off to prison for 40 years, which at age 65 probably is a death sentence unless she gets parole or escapes.

With Maurice dead Beverly is the only one with this story but Max did have some shelter project and did exchange many phone calls with Beverely so its plausible.

n April 2013 McColm changed her plea of not guilty and accepted a charge of second-degree murder. She was given a 40 year sentence, with the final 30 years suspended.

sounds like she gets only 10 years of prison.

I guess Maurice family could file a wrongful death suit against her.

she'll be out by age 75.

so in conclusion

if you borrow money from a stranger, that stranger may demand you repay then shoot and kill you.

at least a bank wouldn't do that. though i doubt a bank would lend $20, 000 for a "woman's shelter" to just anyone.

Sounds like Beverley lost $20, 000

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