the Golden State Killer: It's Not Over ep1 All I Knew was Fear & JonBenet Ramsey

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the Golden State Killer: It's Not Over ep1 All I Knew was Fear & JonBenet Ramsey

Post by redpill on Sat Mar 10, 2018 2:04 am

I just finished watching the first episode of

The Golden State Killer: It's Not Over S1 • E1 All I Knew was Fear

The Golden State Killer: It's Not Over
Published on Mar 6, 2018
He's the most prolific serial predator in California history, but remains mostly unknown. His reign of terror began in the 1970s, but the fear lingers today. Who is The Golden State Killer? Investigators past and present are committed to finding out.
Discovery Communications

The Golden State Killer = EARS/ONS

*spoiler warning*

images copyrighted to ID - posting a few under fair use

this documentary and others on Golden State Killer = EARS/ONS contains information that should be familiar to everyone concerned about The Unsolved Murder of JonBenet Ramsey
since the debate there is whether the parents did it or an intruder.

well without knowing what a home intruder is, and more important the capabilities of a home intruder and forensic evidence recovered at the crime scene, it's unscientific to claim there is no evidence of an intruder in the Jonbenet case, since the evidence recovered at that crime scene is comparable to the evidence recovered in crimes in which there was a home invading intruder, for example, Golden State Killer = EARS/ONS (Mr Cruel is another good example)

Golden State Killer = EARS/ONS is an actual home invading sexual predator and serial killer

the program opens with discussion of California, from the 1970s a poster here named TracyB currently resides there

and the discuss the impact of the EARS on the community

June 1976 was described as the first known rape of EARS

he like Mr. Cruel wore a balaclava , used a gun used gloves to avoid leaving fingerprints expertise in entering homes, including locked homes

DNA proves EARS attacked 50 women in california in their own homes.

surviving victims say he had a small penis, and he performed oral sex

later in Southern California several couples were killed in their home. DNA testing later shows that ONS and EARS is same offender

FBI renames EARS/ONS Golden state killer

one reason to study this is the scientific forensic evidence.

RDI lies and show their ignorance when they claim that there is no evidence of an intruder in the Jonbenet case. one evidence is that in the basement, near Jonbenet's body was a hi-tech footprint
that did not match any footware of the Ramseys

trasha griffith for example,

Day 4/ Hitech Boot Print/Palm Print/ 12 days of JonBenet

The Ramsey felt the Hi-Tech boot print and the palm print in the basement pointed to an intruder.

Below is an article from the Rocky Mountain News from 2002. We can't link to it so I have to put the whole article in the post. I've highlighted in blue what you need to know about the boot print and the palm print in the basement.

Steve Thomas said the following in a chat on ABC's Good Morning America in 2000: "Let me address the Hi-Tec first. What people had not known previously is that I don't believe that everyone who was in the house on the 26th of December was properly identified. There were firemen, paramedics, rescue personnel, uniformed police officers, detectives, undercover narcs, sergeants, FBI and others that the year after the fact, we were still unsure as to who all was in the house that day. There is a strong argument to suggest that the Hi-Tec boot print may have been left by a sightseeing police officer who later did not come forward. Additionally, Hi-Tec is one of the most popular brands of footwear worn by cops."

Trasha is presenting Steve Thomas speculation as fact.

Or, the hi-tech footprint came from an intruder and Jonbenet's killer.

in the GSK (Golden state killer)

they found this

compare with Jonbenet crime scene

in the GSK which is a home invading intruder, the shoe print was often recovered not in the actual crime scene inside the home, but outside the home, on dirt.

Steve Thomas reasoning / RDI denialism, could be applied to any crime scene where footware impression is important - you can't prove the GSK left that shoe print, or Zodiac killer

they introduce Debbie Domingo who was at a friends house

she is the daughter of GSK victim #56, her parents were murdered

here is a map

detective Carol Daly describes GSK method of operation

Carol Daly said as a result of her work on GSK she double checks all her doors and windows at her home every night for 40+ years, and she has a fence and security system

the victims are woken up with a flaslight directly in their face, by a man wearing a balaclava holding a gun, he ties them up, with ligature that he brought in with him, if there is a man he puts plates on him warns him he will kill him, rapes, then sticks around the crime scene for several to eat food and goes through belongings. steals pocket cash and drivers license photos and other mementos.

this reminds me a lot of another home invading sexual offender.

MR Cruel

GSK as with Mr. Cruel uses ligature they brought with them to tie victim up

how does this compare with scientific forensic evidence recovered in Jonbenet crime scene?

they describe victim #5 in detail Jane Carson, Oct 5, 1976

she heard garage door close and assumed her husband was leaving, when this guy showed up. they don't go into detail but it sounds like he slipped in through the garage door

they dramatize the attack

during attack he took multiple trips to refrigerator to eat. he ate food from her home.

how does this compare with say the pineapple evidence in Jonbenet?

detective said EARS spent 3-4 hours and this was highly unusual compare to other intruder rapists.

what eye witness described

they introduce Mike Morphor (sp?)

he's a private citizen,

his passion is for GSK and he's been working on it most of his life. he blogs on GSK

kinda like James Renner on Amy mihalavic and me on Jonbenet and other crimes

they introduce another sleuther named Keith Comose

they talk about a badge that was recovered near a known home and it was concluded the badge belong to a security personal from 1970s

they speculate he might have been a police officer since he seemingly know police tactics or military. he may have served in Vietnam.

he was healthy and fit and could run very fast.

EARS rape survives says that GSK would claim he came in a van, his van is parked outside and threaten to abduct them into his van.

by investigators know this is misleading. he came in by bicycle and he could also run very fast, climb fences.

this differs from Mr Cruel in that Mr Cruel used a car.

basically this guy is a American Ninja Warrior of the 1970s rapists

he lied to his victims about having a van to mislead them into believing he had come with a van when in fact his crimes were by foot or by bicycling.

they emphasize he carefully plans his attacks. he engages in intel, he was seen by some prowling. they found an area of ivy plants with an impression of where he was seen watching a home through the windows

provides a detailed discussion of the kind of planning

attack #9 in Sacramento Nov 10, 1976

he describes a teenage girl was home alone, was supposed to go on a date with her boyfriend

the parents was told before they arrived home she would be gone, but only to be with her boyfriend on a date

what actually happened in GSK comes in abducts her removes her from the home entirely
where he binds her up with ligature he brought with him, in the back yard of the home

he returns to the home turns tv on locks doors puts windows screen back on window, sets house make it look like victim has left

then takes her to canal

but he's taken the time to set the house up so parents would be tricked and fooled into believing she went on her date

how did he know what was going on in the house? how did he know about this date?

remains unknown.

how does this compare with Jonbenet Ramsey?

how did perp know about the bonus for example?

in this case the perp abducts the teenage daughter removes her from the home, then returns to the house to stage it so it looked like the daughter left for her date. then rapes her in another location.

they collected pens at several crime scenes. so they believe he took notes.

he routinely misleads investigators and victims. here he entered via the window, but then return to the crime scene, locked the window he entered him returned the screen he removed, disguising how he entered the home. he then staged it to look like the teen daughter went on her date.

how he knew about this date remains a mystery.

in 1977 GSK came face to face with a 17 year old teen cross country runner in high school Rodney miller who saw him prowling ran after him, caught up with him, GSK then pulls out a gun and shoots him. Miller was shot but survived

age when he ran down GSK

bullet wound

Miller believes when he confronted GSK that GSK was also a teen boy like himself, that he was about the same age as himself, or maybe early 20s. Miller who ran cross country said it was very difficult to keep up with GSK.

watching this documentary i can't help but wonder if GSK murdered Jonbenet, except they have his DNA from semen and entered into CODIS, which then hit all the other 50+ women who were raped plus 10+ murders. This DNA from semen did not presumably match Jonbenet's undies which was reported as no match in CODIS.

Both Mr Cruel and GSK warned their victims they would kill them, threatened them, said they would actually kill them.

How does this compare with language of the Jonbenet ransom note.

If he was 20 in 1976 he'd only be 40 in 1996. He could very well be still alive.

What makes Tricia Griffith and forumsforjustice so stupid is they don't look at case studies of actual home invading home intrusion cases and specifically the forensic evidence.

In GSK known crimes they recovered shoe prints, handwritten messages, pens, fiber on the victims, ligature, eaten food, missing items, DNA in the form of semen.

how does this compare with what they recovered in the Jonbenet crime scene?

to give you an idea of how stupid RDI are,

imagine you show them the shoe prints and fiber and hair and ligature at the GSK crime scene, falsely claim this was recovered from the Jonbenet crime scene. Is this evidence of an intruder.

Reading Trasha's and FFJ b.s 12 days of Jonbenet b.s they would say no, that's no evidence of an intruder.

"there's not a scintilla of evidence of an intruder" - trasha

then reveal the deception, it was actually recovered from GSK home intruder scene.

the way non-scientists deal with scientific evidence is totally unscientific.

Forensic science is based on science. Science is based on observation. What observations do you make in terms of key forensic evidence such as fiber, hair, ligature, handwriting, DNA, shoe prints items missing, etc, in crimes known to be committed by a home invading intruder like GSK and MR Cruel, and how does it compare with what was recovered in the Jonbenet Ramsey crime scene?

Does RDi tricia griffith, SD, cynic, delmar england have any background in science, let alone forensic science?


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