crimeshots remembered I'm an eyewitness to a secret history long forgotten

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crimeshots remembered I'm an eyewitness to a secret history long forgotten

Post by redpill on Mon Mar 12, 2018 9:11 pm

Like a Star @ heaven

im writing this on  Mon Mar 12, 2018

with the disappearance of the last posters - TracyB

i decided to reminise on how i came to be and how I ended up here and what came before

i am writing of a history long forgotten. a secret history

you won't find this secret history anywhere on the internet or in any history book

i am the last crimeshots survivor.

you see crimeshots is dead. it's gone. it disappeared. as if it never existed.
you won't find crimeshots anywhere.

you would never know that once upon a time, there was a forum called crimeshots

but i remember and i am here to talk about it.

the only record of a forum long lost that once was a thriving forum like atlantis.

after i got booted from websleuth i was like a ghost, a spirit in search for a new home

i found a forum called  crimeshots

crimeshots at its peak boasted scores and scores of members, had many categories of crime, and forums dedicated to historical crimes like Jonbenet zodiac killer etc

the admin was  crimeshots1. each subforum had its own moderators.

in many ways it was another alternative to websleuth and justicequest.

i suspect reddit was a major reason why it fell.

i registered there by emailing directly to the admin there crimeshots1

there i initially met posters by the name of superdave, jeeves, angelwings zen9000, royalpurple doober

these posters were all RDI

i believe the time frame was 2009 iirc

when i arrived i met with an old IDI from the netherworld, my old master statusquo who i knew as holdontoyourhat on weblseuth

superdave reappeared.

on that forum i discussed a variety of cases from valerie percy to villisca axe murder to morgan nick.

it was on that forum that i first presented both the daubert standard and my mr cruel murdered jonbenet theory.

it was on that forum my former apprentice superdave turned on me and banned me. like kylo ren.

after i was settled there i met several new posters

one poster was Inspector Rex. one of his skillset which far surpasses my own, is that he actually read the deposition of all the key figures in the JonBenet Ramsey

i remember Inspector Rex many highly informative posts. he talked about Jonbenet his own position was whodunnit. He challenged superdave to provide evidence the parents did it in threads he created.

IIRC that he and superdave debated over the deposition statements about whether Patsy's jacket fibers and whether they were from Patsy's jacket or consistent with the fibers. IIRC it was stan garnett deposition and steve thomas.

acandyrose has a lot of that stuff. more stuff than one can imagine. lots of reading.

i asked superdave to invite cynic and roy23 and tadpole over, of these only roy23 from websleuth joined crimeshots.

the one trick i played on rdi posters which zen9000 fell for is i posted handwriting from christian wolfe and it looks just like the handwriting on the jonbenet ransom note. zen9000 assumed the handwriting was from patsy and said it was a match. i said good, bc it wasn't Patsy's. it was Christain Wolfe's.

i learned smurf was like 20 and already had 2-3 kids. both Inspector Rex and i were amazed by this. seems kinda young to have so many babies. smurf loved michael jackson. i say this bc i mention michael likes young boys.

i learned smurf and fairm, who was IDI, were both british. as british, they have never heard of kool-aid.

superdave made a remark he's not drinking the koolaid of idi serial killer. smurf and fairm both british never heard of kool aid.

so even though they spoke perfect English, they are not from USA and they do not know what koolaid is. nor do they know of any history associated with kool aid, such as jim jones

lesson you can't assume an english speaker is american. they can be british or australian

superdave banned me before i had a chance to cross post my threads from that forum here, and now its too much work.

one major source of my threads, esp the Valerie Percy murder comes from crime library, which is also defunct.

my mr cruel murdered jonbenet was much more extensively documented on crimeshots than on this blog. only a few threads like christmas with mr cruel i managed to transfer.

it was on this blog i also suggest jonbenet and occk as a suspect, much later.

one event happened that would change my life and the history of the universe

one poster who registered to that forum from topix was Mama2JML

Mama2JML told me she is the admin and created a new forum just for idi on jonbenet.
i said uh sure. so i registered here but continued on crimeshots until i got banned.
then i came here. once here i saw all posts were protected and hidden so i asked if i can make my own posts public and Mama2JML agreed and created this blog for me.

Mama2JML incidentally she and the admin of crimeshots1 both live in the same exact city, not too far from one another. I told both of them this via pm.
I know the name of this city.

I wonder if they ever met.  On Jonbenet they are poles apart rdi vs idi.

superdave got me banned from there. he turned on me like kylo ren. i sense a lot of fringeness in him. and then  not too long afterwards crimeshots shut down for good and has disappeared

had Mama2JML not invited me to this forum, i'm not sure what i'd be doing now.
i probably would spend more time on forums build your own pc forums, i'm undecided between
msi vs asus vs gigabyte, amd vs intel, win 7 vs win 10, heat pipes ssd m.2, star wars forums
i'd watch crime shows on my own time but i wouldn't have anywhere to actually blog on it.

i've also seen last weeks episode of survivor and the last episode of star wars rebels, series finale, i saw ahsoka alive and kanan had a kid with a twilek alien girl, and ahsoka and sabine wren want to find ezra bridger who was abducted by a space whale with tentacles along with grand admiral thrawn. speculation he met snoke in unknown regions.

i just finished watching the golden state killer 1-4 episodes but had i not been invited to this forum and had Mama2JML not created this blog for me, i'm not sure where i could post it.

had Mama2JML not invited me from crimeshots

would dana point jane doe ever have been identified as holly glynn?
would someone other than myself suggest MR Cruel or OCCK as Jonbenet's killer?

would rootlesswriter ever contact me over occk-jonbenet link?  affraid


from memory i recall these regular posters that once lived and inhabited atlantis aka crimeshots
off the top of my head

Inspector Rex
Status Quo

now it's all dust in the wind.  cat

had i known superdave's intentions i would have transferred all my crimeshots post here. sadly they are forever lost. i'm not interested in recreating my mr cruel murdered jonbenet threads here.

other crimes i posted include the Villisca axe murders. Inspector Rex contacted me about that and wanted to learn more. Mr Cruel, Eloise Worledge Beaumont children Kylie Maybury. i've been asked if I'm an Aussie. Bennet family murders in Aura Colorado. I asked do you recognize this girl and posted a picture of murdered girl Thorton Colorado Tracy Neef, that superdave and other RDI have never heard of and thought was Jonbenet and abducted girl Morgan Nick, Elizabeth Smart Danielle Nicole Van Dam Jaycee Dugard double initial alphabet murders Jessica Ridgeway

Rupert said yes Tracy Neef looks a lot like Jonbenet.
Inspector Rex was also interested in my posts on murder of another girl abducted by her bedroom Jaclyn Dowaliby

in australia i found a girl murdered in her bedroom mom was chief suspect but then they caught the guy, this also happened in Melbourne home of mr cruel. i can't recall name. can't find it either.

iirc crimeshots shut down around 2012 i think.

i am the last websleuth justicequest reddit topix and crimeshots survivor.  elephant

rootlesswriter, fan of my OCCK-Jonbenet IDI theory on reddit

this blog was built a thousand generations ago, to keep these

the original crimeshots texts.

just like me they're the last of the crimeshots religion

rootlesswriter you need a teacher.
i can't teach you

after TracyB's disappearing act, i will never train another generation of IDI

i came to this blog to die. it is time for the j idi to end. study

If you only knew the POWER of the Daubert side

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