some of my fav ww2 clips and one modern one

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some of my fav ww2 clips and one modern one Empty some of my fav ww2 clips and one modern one

Post by redpill on Wed Mar 21, 2018 1:53 am

when it comes to the real world, and history,

there are few things that give me more strong powerful emotions than WW2 and the holocaust
i don't like reading about it though i like watching it

the difference between this and star wars is ww2 is for real

here are some of my fav ww2 clips and one modern one

Sherman Fury


saving private ryan

schindler's list

this is what happens when jew engineer argues with a nazi


outer limits

time travelers take nazi back in time to Auschwitz


chick in nazi uniform is inga. later on Inga asks to be shot. that's hard core. "we gave the fuhrer our word"

Valkyrie -

enemies at the gate


Generation War



sinking of Wilhelm Gustloff

this, not the Titanic, is the greatest maritime disaster in all of human history,

the proximate cause is this

russian offensive against East Prussia

my high school offered german spanish and french. at the time i thought spanish is logical since in the usa there are so many spanish speaking hispanics and latinos. germans seem to speak fluent english so why bother learning their language?

there are lots of girls who study french bc they think french culture is romantic and sophisticated. if you can speak french it means you are couture, paris and high culture. they think french guys are romantic and highly desirable. french art french literature french cuisine french tourists locations.
supposedly the french language classes were mostly girls. thing is i find these french things kinda boring. german tiger tanks and panzer fausts and sturmgewehr wow i get dizzy

when i think of french i think surrender.

more germans died attempting to take a single house in Stalingrad, than died taking the entire nation of france. oh and the russians won the battle of stalingrad.

inspector rex once told me he was german and was fluent in german

i now regard ww2 as the most awesome time in history and esp nazi and germany vs russia on the eastern front so i wish i learned german. hitler sounds like a really good public speaker

german movie the wave 2008

pretty intense

and german documentaries on life during nazi era

german girls were actually raised to be prepared for marriage as wives and mothers wow.
sadly when nazism was defeated when germany lost, german girls aren't getting brought up like they used to.

lost evidence

i miss the days when history channel was the hitler channel

Greatest Tank Battles The Battle for Germany

i've actually read an english translation of such classics as Eric Von Manstein's Lost Victories and Heinz Guderian Panzer and excepts and compilations of Goebels diaries. he's quite a good diarist.

CS Lewish Chronicles of narnia was set in ww2 between Germany and great britian, there was a time when britian evacuated all the young children into bunkers, rich and poor, they all lived together for a time

one thing i learned from watching documentaries on Bigfoot is that SS Henrich Himmler even though he grew up in germany around 1900 before the internet he actually knew a lot about the Yeti from reading books and magazines and sent an expedition to Himalayan and ordered german scientists to find the Yeti and bring one back.

how cool would it be if the Nazi and Himmler succeeded?

in another bigfoot documentary i learned russian soldiers in the 1930s corned what they thought was a german spy and shot him full of bullet holes, but described the wild man as an Alma, a possible neanderthal. they buried him though.

and of course many UFO documentaries talk about Nazi Bell and foo fighters during ww2.

i've met some nice looking german girls who tell me hitler was actually part jewish What a Face

lesson - attacking russia is a path to total defeat

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