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Post by redpill on Sat Mar 24, 2018 8:24 pm

i visit reddit

and in particular i visit reddit and

from time to time

today is one of those times and i found this thread

re: "What Happened to Tom Miller or A Travesty of Justice in Two Parts"

Hello, everybody:

I cannot take credit for this. A poster on another website has summed up the issue quite handily. Reposted here, with permission:

*There's a CO resident named Tom Miller. He is, or at least was, a lawyer and a court-certified handwriting expert. After several weeks of study, he came to a conclusion as to who wrote the RN: PR did. That's when Team R swung into action.

The Rs claimed for several years that the private investigators they had hired were only to hunt down leads the BPD were "ignoring." But what they were really doing was just what I said. Miller was roped, under false pretenses, into meeting with one of the Rs' hired experts. It turned out to be a set-up. The man who asked him to come along was a tabloid writer who tried to bribe the Rs' man for an RN copy.

Miller was arrested and charged. Now, THIS is where things get interesting. The Jefferson County DA, David Thomas, was friends with Hal Haddon, the Ramsey lawyer. In fact, they owed each other political favors. Haddon made a call to Thomas and asked him to make sure that Miller would be damaged goods if he were ever called to testify in court as to his conclusions, which was a possibility since he was well-known to the local judges and lawyers. The Jefferson DA offered Miller a plea-bargain. Voynich mentioned the Godfather. Apropos, certainly. But instead of an offer he couldn't refuse, the deal was an offer no spirited man could ever accept. The deal was, if Miller wanted to avoid a trial and possible jail time, he'd have to give up his law license and discredit his own status as a document examiner.

Miller told them to stuff their deal. So, he went to trial in 2001. At the trial, Miller's lawyer pulled off a real coup. He subpoenaed one of the private investigators responsible, a man named David L. Miller (no relation), and got him to admit in open court that he was told by Haddon's office to dig up dirt on Miller to use against him if he were ever called to testify as to who he thought wrote the RN. He also admitted that he himself was just doing his job, and that the real dirty tricks were thought up at a higher level.

It took the jury less than an hour to find Miller not guilty. And just in case anyone thinks I'm just making this up, the transcript of the trial is available on Compact Disc under the title Salute to American Justice. Look for it on eBay. Or, if you wait a little, I can try (no promises) to post it here from my copy.

As a coda to this story, later that year, JR was deposed in a civil trial. During that deposition, he admitted that his earlier statements were knowingly false. The private eyes were never meant to follow up on leads. Their job was to build a defense in case the Rs were ever brought to trial. To use JR's words, to "keep us out of jail."*


Voynich mentioned the Godfather

re: "What Happened to Tom Miller or A Travesty of Justice in Two Parts" Ben-an10


now that's not a name i heard in a long time, a long time indeed.
Voynich isn't dead. at least not yet.

I recall Voynich when he was a mere padawan learned from superdave's lips and remarking that it sounds like this tom miller fellow got the godfather treatment.

I recall this poster Voynich also spoke of Patsy wanted a picture perfect wedding with death, and so dressed Jonbenet,   Superdave alluded to in his book an Angel Betrayed

furyofdragon i suspect is superdave
i'd reply but i've already been banned from reddit

on crimeshots I warned superdave of the power of the daubert side of the Forensics,

and I asked superdave a question

is Tom Miller a forensic document expert qualified under Daubert, and if not, then is he a "court qualified handwriting expert" under federal law?

superdave had no idea what i was talking about. the daubert standard.
superdave has no actual knowledge of the relevant forensics.

neither tom miller nor gideon epstein nor cina wong et al, are qualified FDE's under the Daubert standard, so his paragraph, even if true, has no bearing on Ramsey innocence or guilt.

if superdave were competent he would ask Is Tom Miller qualified under Daubert?

Tom miller's claim patsy wrote the ransom note, has zero scientific forensic value under Daubert and therefore is inadmissible scientific expert witness testimony.

the real travesty of justice is the ignornace of superdave and all the rdi on websmear and forumsforjustice, as these ignorant fools have never studied any forensics and ask the wrong questions.

if you really want to know what happened to Jonbenet, use scientific forensic reasoning and the power of the daubert side of the Forensics, not RDI bullshit and denialism.

i told superdave he shouldn't publish his book since he and no RDI has ever studied the actual science and forensics relevant to the case. superdave disregarded that

superdave and cynic and delmar england the fraud have the opportunity to educate themselves and the public of the actual science of forensics, and how this leads directly to the intruder theory in Jonbenet. instead they simply ignore it and make stuff up, misinform and miseducate the public curious about this case and promote ignorance and call this justice. justice is smearing the Ramseys instead of working to identify this intruder.

two posters who do this are anti-K on topix and jameson on her own forum

i told superdave that if he doesn't understand what the daubert standard is, and what science is and how science is used to evaluate forensic evidence, he has no business in the Jonbenet case. he is simply too ignorant. he's not helping.

so i called superdave weak. I said he was unbalanced. Beaten by a poster who has never heard of Jonbenet you failed! Spinwalker lives! Pathetic child. i see his mind, i see his every intention. i see him turning the light saber to strike true and ban his greatest enemy

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you did well superdave, spin was too dangerous to be kept alive.

If you only knew the POWER of the Daubert side

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