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Post by redpill on Mon Mar 26, 2018 7:34 pm

researching jonbent i found


i knew from superdave from a long time ago that there was this person that he, cynic and trasha griffith like harry potter Voldemort

this name was jameson

iirc on websleuth and ffj tricia griffith recommends that to silence this poster jameson that her real name of sue bonnett be mentioned. tricia's and cynic position is jameson is a nut.

my position is tricia griffith and cynic are total forensic frauds.

the one thing i gathered about jameson is she is idi and at the time she had a forum called Webbsleuths, but was defunct

they mention something about jameson and donald foster and how she got a personal audience from john ramsey and family.

i was searching and i see jameson  Webbsleuths is now open, registration by email kinda reminds me of Mama2JML on this forum

i never directly spoke to jameson, but on one forum where i forgot my login and password she replied to my mr cruel theory

i'm idi as is jameson but my approach to jonbenet is

1- watch a lot of crime shows on id or forensic files and if i see forensics comparable to jonbenet mention that
2- resort to textbook forensics, esp textbook handwriting linguistics trace evidence analysis etc.
3- research crimes similar to jonbenet

not sure it really overlaps with jamesons concerns.

even when i was on crimeshots i posted jonbenet and murder of valerie percy
jonbenet and  jaclyn dowaliby 7 which inspector rex took interest in
jonbenet and the villisca axe murders which again  inspector rex took interest in

jonbenet and tracy neef which rupert took a strong interest in
they should do dna on tracy neef

jonbenet and the alphabet murders

jonbenet and morgan nick kinda stretch i know

jonbenet and zodiac killer based on similar handwriting

jonbenet and mr cruel

there were a couple of others but sadly i forgot and can't seem to find them but one was a good one it was jonbenet and a girl in australia also killed in her home while parents slept and it really was an intruder

the other was alicia o reily which i saw on sensing murder new zealand bump in the night.

also i dont only write of jonbenet. i prefer to also talk about other crimes as well as paranormal topics. the murder of abigail williams and liberty german has no obvious relevance to jonbenet, but it does make me think wow, i used to go into the woods to find bigfoot much like Anissa Weier and Morgan Geyser went looking for Slenderman, will i get murdered if i do?

my research into it i found a person who spoke of a friend named holly glynn she's not heard from her in a long time. she kinda looks like dana point jane doe but didn't know what to do with that info.

i met  Mama2JML on crimeshots and i never directly met jameson

Mama2JML  invited me to come here

it'd be interest to speculate what if i met jameson before Mama2JML

it's entirely possible jameson and i might butt heads, and heck she might even ban me from her Webbsleuths Forum

the only communication i ever received from jonbenet

jameson wrote:I don't see how you can put him up as a suspect in the4 Ramsey case. He is in Austrlia, you can't put him in the states, nevermind in Boulder, CO on the night of the murder. He apparently wasn't into leaving notes, nothing I saw on your page. He used surgical tape, not black duct tape which may (or may not) be part of his fantasy. Your guy bound the parents so they would be tortured knowing what was happening to their daughter. If not, he took the child somewhere else. Sorry, I don't think your guy is our guy.

Does Australia put their DNA evidence into CODIS?

i know both jameson and  Mama2JML dont believe in my mr cruel theory of jonbenet.

since i also plan to write of ufo's and easter and resurrection of jesus topics far out of what jameson had in mind when she started Webbsleuths Forum   its probably best i stay on my blog.

jameson is free to read my posts if she wants and if she want to say something she can email  Mama2JML who can then contact me.

almost every single idi i knew is now a ghost

idi ghosts include fairm Holdontoyourhat/status quo, rupert roy23 makai ziggy blue murdermysteryreader Mama2JML inspector rex athena

i think anti-k is still active on topix

seems like interest esp idi interest in JonBenet Ramsey is drying up. new murders new unsolved cases.

jameson's Webbsleuths Forum  Hqdefa20

time for the J-idi to end.

rootlesswriter i will not be the last j-idi

If you only knew the POWER of the Daubert side

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