recent UFO sightins and classic ones Ancient aliens the paranormal

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recent UFO sightins and classic ones Ancient aliens the paranormal Empty recent UFO sightins and classic ones Ancient aliens the paranormal

Post by redpill on Thu Apr 05, 2018 12:48 am

today's listverse has 10 such examples

10 UFO And Alien Encounters From America’s Early Years

in the news there are not only reports of recent UFO sightings but also video tape

one example

UFO encounter captured on declassified US navy pilot's video

recent UFO sightins and classic ones Ancient aliens the paranormal C8de9d10

in my mind this increases the credibility of other UFO sightings

two of my favorites include

Edward Fuhr's 1974 report of UFO on his farm in Canada, where he initially stated he saw 1 UFO then he saw 5, forming crop circles directly.

recent UFO sightins and classic ones Ancient aliens the paranormal Fuhruf10

and Westall UFO sighting in Melbourne Australia 1966 seen and reported by dozens of Aussie students

recent UFO sightins and classic ones Ancient aliens the paranormal 5be2ea10

UFO are considered to belong in the realm of the paranormal

string theory is an actual scientific theory that is researched and it posits that our universe is one universe among a multiverse of universes.

the laws of physics may differ in other universes, and quite possibly it may be possible to travel from one multiverse to another through whats called a worm hole

so UFO may come from other galaxies with technology far more advance than ours, or even from alternate dimensions and universes.

I've seen a lot of ancient aliens and the central idea is that the religions myths stories of gods of the ancient world reflect UFO alien contact with ancient humans.

given that modern humans have seen UFO lights in the sky its not hard to imagine ancient humans have as well, and the interpreted them as the gods or angels.

the existence of these entities would certainly imply there's more to reality than what science says

shakespeare's hamlet's there's more in heaven and earth than is dreamed of in your philosophy

that what we as reality as described by science is only a tiny slice of all that there is.

religion of course is famous for claiming that in addition to this world and this life, there's an after life, and another world, the world of god, angels souls and demons and devils

When i was a young boy i have memories of seeing a UFO, but now I'm not sure if i was dreaming or not.

An old program called Unsolved Mysteries hosted by Robert Stacks featured many UFO stories. One UFO story they shared was a hispanic woman who had t-cell lymphoma and was told she was facing certain death at like age 28

she gets a visit from a very small, Frisbee sized UFO that goes over her and she was healed. it had a sound and in a talk show she watched one of the persons said he had recorded the sound of the UFO and it was the same sound.

that UFO healed her of cancer and it went into complete remission. it was a miracle, from a UFO

of course i'm now also covering my bases and looking up at the sky at night at all the stars and i ask if there's any UFO out there than can reverse my mom's dementia and make her as normal as Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton and Ruth Ginsberg, who are about the same age.

Should I visit one I have many questions for UFO from god to their home world to science, as well as the afterlife. I'd like to see what other planets and other worlds and other civilizations are like.

of course I suppose there could be bad UFO who want to torture and perform painful experiments on me or torture me for pleasure like a serial killer torturing people and animals pale

but yeah my wish list for UFO include healing my mother and answering my questions and improving my abilities and attributes and giving me super powers Smile of course it could also result in radiation sickness and perhaps mental illness like psychosis. Falcon lake incident  the witness Stefan Michalak had severe burns as a result of UFO encounter. two women in texas saw a UFO and got radiation sickness. opposite result of what i seek.

I'e scoured youtube and dailymotion for every UFO documentary i can find, in addition to stories of miracle healing and miracle angels. In addition to Ancient Aliens, there's Close Encounters, not the Speilberg movie but a tv show that has re-enactments of peoples UFO encounters, such as the 2 i mention and Falcon lake incident and Zamora. YouTube also  had others but taken down by DCMA including Alien mysteries which also feature eye witnesses reporting their UFO encounter than using actors and computer graphics to recreate the event

As a young evangelical my church, my youth pastor from the moody bible institute, talked about the rapture, leaving behind a world that's going to hell filled with every kind of abomination wickedness and sin. now i kinda wish i could hop on a benevolent UFO and fly and visit the universe. obviously my material body would not withstand that but if my consciousness can somehow be separated say in a magnetic field i'd probably accept such an offer. visit distant stars and galaxies. the 90s tv show outerlimits had episodes where ideas similar to this were featured. i'd be interested in hearing a comparison between UFO physics and string theory. was there an intelligent creator who created this universe using mathematics as described by physics? i am genuinely amazed how the top physicists in the world are atheists, but the mathematics they use to describe nature is far beyond anything i can imagine. for them, the use of extremely advance mathematics to describe nature is no evidence of a deity that used intelligence. farao

in one episode of outer limits, a preacher was healing sick people, drawing a huge audience. what was happening was that the preacher was actually an alien and using alien technology. the preacher actually wanted to destroy the human race, but a preacher of jesus managed to kill him.

advance healing technology from benevolent ufo's is something i certainly welcome

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