History Channel Knightfall, Knights Templars reminds me of Jedi knights *spoilers*

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History Channel Knightfall, Knights Templars reminds me of Jedi knights *spoilers*

Post by redpill on Sun Apr 08, 2018 9:08 pm

I just watched History Channel Knightfall,  

having also watched

Knights Templars reminds me of Jedi knights

this post contains *spoilers*

I knew of the Templar Knights, much as everyone has heard of Vikings, but now that I'm watching them, and listening to them talk it's an entirely different story. I have some background as I attended Catholic school in elementary and I attended an Evangelical youth group.

These Templars of course remind me of Jedi Knights, with their vows. they refer to one another as brothers and the local leader as master, and the master of the entire Templar order as Grand Master.

Like star wars there is conflict between the Templars and the political order, in this case King Phillip.

like Star Wars a Templar master has sex with the wife of King phillip, violating the oath of chasity, resulting in her becoming pregnant and she dies during pregnancy.

A major theme is that the Templars are actively searching for the Holy Grail, a cup. At the final episode the pregnant woman dies from her injuries despite drinking water from the Holy Grail. In it the Grail has a secret message.

These Templars are not shy about invoking God and Jesus as a justification of everything they say and do. They go into battle believing God is on their side. They talk about God as their witness, and cup for Christ. They attribute their victories in battle to God.
They attribute healing and recovery from injuries and wounds and sickness to Jesus Christ.

even during my time as a believing Christian around other Christians I don't recall any Christian talking quite like these Templars did.

Reminds me of Jedi and their invoking The Force. Sadly Templars don't have super powers like moving objects with their minds.

Chasity and virginity in the females, in this case the princess was an important theme. Ah the good old days. though the medieval age is barbaric.

Jews and Muslims are also mentioned. This show also has a Japanese woman ninja as an assassin, who actually took the Holy Grail. think of it. a woman from Japan who is also a ninja, finds and holds the Holy Grail. Never would I imagine such a thing and i"m also a sucker for kung fu movies with Bruce Lee and Donnnie Yen and Kung fu Panda

I'm a sucker for this kind of entertainment. I like the idea of a fighter with an atunement to some higher power, God and Jesus Christ for the Templar, mystical oriental Qi powers for ninjas and shaolin kung fu panda, and the Force for star wars.

Vikings also has some taste of this.

I've read the last book of the bible, Revelation. I didn't think it makes much sense but Christians saw it as a prophesy of the end time, we  are living in a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah with the homosexuals and abortions drugs idolators

On Vikings Bishop Heahmund

and he would cite from memory Revelation 19:19

"Then I saw the beast and the kings of the earth and their armies gathered together to wage war against the rider on the horse and his army."

before he and his troops went to war against the heathen pagan vikings who worshipped thor and odin

and it sounds kinda "profound"

in the real world of course being a christian and quoting the bible doesn't confer any real power, as 6 million Jews discovered during the Holocaust. If god doesn't protect his own chosen people from Hitler and the nazi, i have no faith that jesus will protect me from a bad guy with a gun.  pale

i look forward to second season of Knightsfall. i know from history that king phillip and the pope betray the Templars much like order 66 wiped out the jedi, then phillip and the pope die a year later.

one of the great mysteries of history is that while many Templars did die from the great Templar purge, dozens are known to have survived.
the Templar order itself though was destroyed.

Templars overlap in time with the Cathars, a gnostic group of christians that were also wiped out. Had the Cathars survived at least 1 branch of Christianity would not have had the Old Testament as part of its bible.

how would an equal sized Templars fare against Viking Great Heathen Army that ended in King Allea getting the bloody eagle?



Armies of Odin and his son Thor vs Yahweh and his son Jesus Christ

my money is on Templars, if anything they have better armor

it does surprise me there are a lot of people who have detailed knowledge of this time period.

Should History Channel offer something like Samurai, or Shaolin Monks, though everyone speaking in English,
a Game of Thrones involving ninjas and shoguns?

though everyone speaking in English,

i don't believe in jesus anymore since it seems clear that believe in jesus doesn't confer miracle based super powers like what the jedi have in star wars like the force.

i do think esp in this time period, for the templars and for muslims, that a belief in one god can improve morale and willingness to take damage and cooperate and overcome opposing forces.

i suspect an army of templars or muslims convinced in jesus or allah could probably beat an army of romans who lost faith in jupiter, during the dying days of paganism in roman empire.

christians and muslims belief in god keep them highly unified and willing to fight to the death. i've got very little confidence an army of medieval atheists who think that this life is the only life you will ever have would show the same level of solidarity and cohesiveness and not flee once some start getting killed.

If you only knew the POWER of the Daubert side

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