Would an Oriental Kung fu ninja version of Game of Thrones, Vikings, Templars in English be popular

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Would an Oriental Kung fu ninja version of Game of Thrones, Vikings, Templars in English be popular

Post by redpill on Mon Apr 09, 2018 9:31 pm

HBO's Game of Thrones is probably the biggest European medieval in mass media today, though its definitely not for kids.

I saw a few episodes but it didn't work for me.

History Channel Vikings is quite popular, and they also added Templars.

Growing up from the 80s, east asian oriental martial arts like Teenage Mutant NInja Turtles, Bruce Lee and kung fu movies Jackie Chan and Donnie Yen were hugely popular.

So should either HBO or HIstory channel off an Oriental martial arts show, with actual Orientals from china, only they speak English, not Chinese.

Youtube does have medieval Oriental themed Game of thrones style stories, in Chinese with subtitles.

What I have in mind is using actual Orientals, who were born and raised in USA or Australia or Canada, in a medieval show patterned after Game of Thrones and Vikings.

One obvious issue - who is the target audience, children and teens, or adults?

Game of Thrones and Vikings are clearly aimed at Adults. lots of violence, lots of heads getting chopped off, limbs cut off, blood everywhere
both have lots of sex.

Teenage Mutant Ninjas Turtles and kung fu panda is geared for kids.

Should it be completely fictional like GoT or semihistorical like Vikings and Knightfall?

for this to work all the actors should be Oriental, but speak fluent English.

but use historically faithful customes and architecture.

if fantasy you can mix and match shaolin monks with samurai and ninjas.
we can include mystical Qi super powers which in effect would be like jedi and the force

if historically faithful,

should it be China and Shaolin monks or Japan and ninjas?

Knightfall Templars had an oriental ninja, female, who spoke fluent English, doing ninja things, fighting like a ninja against a Templar  Laughing

VIkings also had King ragnar lothbrok fingering a chinese slave chick who gave her some drugs to get high. in the end king ragnar drowned that Chinese chick

is the intended audience children and teens, like kung fu panda, or adults like GoT?

if fantasy should non orientals like blacks muslism and whites be included to? maybe like say a shipwreck?

so it would be something like

crouching tiger hidden dragon - but they would be speaking english

but with a game of thrones style ruthlessness

knighfall the knights templars and joan of arc mini series is set in France. full of french people.

who speak English.

plenty of nazi movies is set in nazi germany

like that tom cruise movie about Valkyrie  is set in nazy germany

but they all speak english. germans speak english. even hitler speaks english.

vikings, they also all speak english to.

the tv show i have in mind they all speak english to.

i suppose say the history channel could make one for kids, no sex no graphic violence

and hbo can make one for adults ,with graphic violence and sex

not just english but really excellent english, from actors born and raised in usa canada uk and australia.

not broken english like jackie chan but good english like george takei for example

the orient has many features that reproduce medieval european high fantasy like orientals had kings and queens, princes and princesses, ambitious generals, buddhist monks and taoist priests and oriental dragons

might be hard to tell them apart since they all look the same though.

Oriental medieval high fantasy, with swords and bow and arrows and martial arts
it would feature teen and young adults.

imo Oriental medieval high fantasy would appeal most strongly to children of the harry potter age and teens, so no sex or excessive violence.

when i was growing up it was karate kid, and the most popular gi joe action figure was storm shadow aka cobra ninja

sadly with toys r us gone, action figures will be a thing of the past

the intended audience is clearly americans and english speakers

so if hbo showtime history channel does this i wonder if i can get a paycheck for ripping off my idea Smile

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