stepping into completely different worlds Alternate Realities and wifi from the old days

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stepping into completely different worlds Alternate Realities and wifi from the old days Empty stepping into completely different worlds Alternate Realities and wifi from the old days

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Like a Star @ heaven

imagine you fly in bermuda's triangle and ahead you see this vortex

stepping into completely different worlds Alternate Realities and wifi from the old days Maxres19

you fly through the vortex safely and land but as you return to your life you notice while things look the same, the people are different.

that's how i think of my experience of switching schools as a kid from catholic to a public one

one experience i've had that in some ways is like travelling through other dimensions for me.

for kindergarten and first grade I attended both Catholic elementary and Catholic church, where i listen to the priest make prayers to mary and the saints

we had a dress code, all male students had to wear navy blue pants and white or blue button up shirts. my teachers were nuns and we had catholic education.

there i met a group of kids same age as me, ages 5 and 6. at 3 i was in  nursery school at age 4 i was in a different building for preschool. i do have some memories

at age 5 and 6 i was in kindergarden and first grade at this catholic school and my classmates were all also ages 5 and 6.

it was private my parents paid tuition. we also had go to church during school and classes, a catholic one.

unfortunately i was bullied there and attacked and i requested to change schools, and so in second grade at age 6 or 7 i was enrolled in a different school, a public school. it also had teachers but  no nuns and no church service. in second grade.

so i have pretty clear memories of this time since going from a catholic school to a public school was so different.

i felt that i stepped into a portal, a wormhole and entered into an alternate reality, and this was when i was age 7 in second grade.

sure there were my classmates same age as i am, and sure we had teacher and learning to read write and arithmetic.

but it was a completely different group of kids, with a different teacher. so there were two parallel universes, in one universe was my old catholic school where the kids there were getting catholic schooling and then this new reality of a public school, no church no prayer, no nuns.

you had one school with one group of kids growing up, and another school, in the same time period same ages but different school, different building. no strict dress code.

i of course wonder what if, i continued attending catholic school. or what if i started in a public school and switch to a catholic school. or what if i always was in a public school.

so presumably my classmates from kindergarten and first grade many of them continued through catholic school to middle school then high school. so perhaps friendships started in kindergarten continued in middle school then high school.

i wonder if any of them even remember me, though i do remember the bully and i hope he suffers and dies a very painful death.
the bullying i got made me question god's existence since god very clearly didn't change his heart. i'm not a believing christian.

my parents then took me to an evangelical church, where i met believers my own age, but as it was from the protestant tradition, it was also like entering another universe. so when i watch catholic reality tv show god or the girl, or shows on mormon teens on youtube, it's like some ways similar including the bible prayer and jesus but in other ways its like getting sucked into a vortex like bermuda triangle and entering another parallel reality

one thing i observed was that the catholic bible had several books that were not in the NIV version of the evangelical bible.

i also think about the nature of time. as a 5 year old the one thing i remember some 30+ years ago or so, was the nun saying she looked out the window and saw a peasant on the black top while she was grading papers. the bird i had to do a book report on was the penguin.

i suppose i could have continued attending catholic school were it not for the fact there was 1 bully there who made my life miserable and caused me to question Catholicism, god and religion. god did absolutely nothing for me regarding this bully. and i now support a woman's right to an abortion because think of all the bullies that are aborted every year. abortion should be offered free of charge. if the bully of the mom i had to endure at the catholic school was aborted, i may have stayed in catholic school.

in public high school one of the most popular topics that was discussed was abortion. i'll never forget visiting a local library and one of my classmates, a girl, i saw her there and she immediately threw her body over the books and her face turned bright pink.
the reason?

she was research for a paper for English and her paper was on abortion in public school the vast majority of my classmates were prochoice on abortion. teacher would ask about it and have us raise hands.

my evangelical church was solidly prolife. so in church i was surrounded by peers my own age i learned abortion is morally wrong and in public school i learned most support a woman's right to abort.

Mormons seem nicer. what would my experience had been like if i attended a mormon school with mormons? the public school i attended did have atheists but i'm not overly enchanted.

i once visited a Swedenborg new church, based on the writings of Swedenborg, and that new church also had a private school. so the children who go there also read Emmanuel swedenborg. so there are young children who attend a catholic school, others attend an evangelical christian school, still others attend mormon school, and even swedeborg new church school. and some are home schooled.

i've heard of math and science oriented schools but i don't know much about it, my public school offered AP classes in physics and chemistry.

my public high school is in a city with a large orthodox jew population. so each year in high school i met jew students who dropped out of orthodox jewish school. they tell me harrowing stories of being jewish in orthodox jewish school. they know hebrew.  if you're an atheist going to a religious school probably isn't what you want.


flash forward 20+ years and starting in the late 90s and throughout all the way to 2010's

i could access wifi for free from my home. this was the era of the wireless b and wireless g.
what was happening is some of my neighbors were paying for internet via cable or even dsl. they then purchased a separate wireless writer such as wireless d or b. it would have names like dlink and linksys and a number.  sometimes they change their names but it was still not secured.

what they didn't do is secure it. so i had a laptop at the time with a wireless nic and i could access and connect to the internet through their wireless. whoever they may be.

what i thought was an experience that mirrored my experience between changing schools was the fact that if i was by one window facing one direction, i saw a list of wireless hot spots about a dozen, though many had very weak signals that i could connect to for free.

but if i go to the opposite side of my home, a couple of the strongest signals would still be present, but i would see a completely new list of wireless signals

i used windows xp and a program called netstumbler, which made a sound i'll never forget.

but my house was shaped like a box, and each side had the strongest signals the same names, but some of the weaker signals the list was quite different.  connecting to these wireless access points as they different depending on my location was kinda like channeling spirits from another dimensions. my wireless card can sense these wireless access routers and in the old days, actually connect to them for free.

sadly around 2010 i noticed a lot of these wireless started being secured and need a password and around 2012 the last free linksys was gone. they were all secured by password and i then contacted time warner cable and set up my own wireless.

when i bought the wireless g router i added a password. now it comes with a password installed.

but again if i go to one window facing south i see a collection of wireless that is different when i face a north direction or east and west.

after more than 10+ years of free wireless, free wifi paid by my neighbors, from 2000-2012 or so, i had to start paying time warner cable

i still have my linksys wireless g router.

i'm kinda sad, not only in those old days were internet free but finding wireless routers to connect to was kinda fun for me. like an easter egg hunt. and if the signals were too weak on one side of the house i merely had to walk to the opposite side.

one thing i found fascinating about both the windows xp and netsumbler wireless is how the list would increase and then decrease, and new wireless names would show up for awhile then disappear. or when it rained or snowed it would also change.

so going from one school to another, from one church to another, to one wireless to another is for me like traveling and arriving in alternate dimensions of reality. its somewhat like a twilight zone outer limits experience in real life.

in the many worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics, perhaps there is another alternate reality that split off where i remained in catholic school, perhaps the bully got the flu and died.

in this alternate reality, would i have dated and married a catholic girl i went to kindergarten and first grade with ? instead of the nonreligious girls i knew in public high school?

what is reality?

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