Altanta Child murder "Zodiac letter" and JonBenet Ramsey handwriting

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Altanta Child murder "Zodiac letter" and JonBenet Ramsey handwriting

Post by redpill on Wed Apr 18, 2018 12:19 pm

i'm writing this on  Wed Apr 18, 2018

I'm not aware of anyone making this connection between Altanta Child murder "Zodiac letter" and JonBenet Ramsey handwriting

personally I've never considered any link between Altanta Child murders  Over the two-year period, at least 28 children, adolescents and adults were killed. 1979-1981  and  JonBenet Ramsey. after all  Altanta Child murders were mostly young black boys and mostly snatched out of the streets and one perp  Wayne Williams

perp  Wayne Williams was identified, captured, trialed and convicted. End of story.

It just came to my attention someone wrote a letter regarding Atlanta Child murder "Zodiac letter".

on the surface it seems highly unlike the Zodiac killer who was described by all witnesses in California as a while male could have moved across the country from San Francisco California to Altanta Georgia and switched his victims and MO, and those victims were not reported by any eye witnesses to have been near a white male before their deaths.

But someone claiming the Zodiac Killer wrote this letter

background, a volunteer sleuth interested in the Atlanta Child murders and did not believe or accept Wayne Williams is the killer made a FOIA request,

That IS the famous and until now never seen "Atlanta Child Murders" - "Zodiac" letter!

It was postmarked "Atlanta, GA March 8, 1981".

the letter was received Atlanta, GA March 8, 1981 but was not released to the public Tue Mar 29, 2011.

in other words, other than police and detectives working in Altanta ca 1981, no one outside this circle saw it until 2011 long after the Dec 26, 1996 murder of JonBenet Ramsey so there's viritually no possibility JonBenet Ramsey killer could have seen the "Atlanta Child Murders" - "Zodiac" letter unless he's the author, or the handful of investigators who saw it in Atlanta 1981, and it was dismissed as a crank, someone from the public crying for attention.

here is the letter

compare the handwriting with this

this is example of simlarities

"Atlanta Child Murders" - "Zodiac" letter and JonBenet Ramsey letter handwriting

"Atlanta Child Murders" - "Zodiac" letter "kill" and  JonBenet Ramsey letter handwriting "will"

notice the use of squigy ll

the handwriting "Atlanta Child Murders" - "Zodiac" letter 1981 and JonBenet Ramsey letter handwriting 1996 look identical.

many RDI assume SBTC = save by the cross,

but from the "zodiac" theory, SBTC signed by the cross

so the author of Altanta Child murder "Zodiac letter" and claims to be the zodiac killer and  JonBenet Ramsey handwriting same author.

who ever wrote the Altanta Child murder "Zodiac letter" in 1981 claimign to be the Zodiac and claiming credit for killing black 28 kids in Atalanta 1979-1981 also authored JonBenet Ramsey via same handwriting

you read it here first on redpill's blog


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