People Magazine “Connecticut Horror Story” vs HBO Chesire murders

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People Magazine “Connecticut Horror Story” vs HBO Chesire murders

Post by redpill on Sat Apr 28, 2018 5:32 pm

I saw People Magazine Investigate Season 2, Episode 04 – “Connecticut Horror Story”  

One summer night in 2007, the Petit family is woken up by two strangers in their quiet Connecticut home; suddenly, these four family members find themselves being held hostage and in a fight for their lives

i watched this, and at the time, I've never heard of this crime, this murder, this family.

never. ever. i don't live in Connecticut and this crime happened in 2007.

had no idea what was going to happen. i did not know who the people are, what happened, in what sequence, who lived, who died, motive.

imagine you want to recommend a harrowing story of a real life true crime and they are in the same situation as me

had no idea what was going to happen. who the people are, what happened, in what sequence, who lived, who died, motive.

how would you go about providing this information?

prior to  my watching  People Magazine Investigate Season 2, Episode 04 – “Connecticut Horror Story”  

I've never heard of the Petit family nor this crime.

former poster tracyB informed me there's actually a second and what she claims is a better documentary

HBO Chesire murders

which she claims was a far superior documentary.

again, if you've never heard of the Petit family and never heard of this crime, and you want to know

what was going to happen. who the people are in this crime, what happened, in what sequence, who lived, who died, motive.

there's a clear winner

now, ID and people magazine holds the copyright hopefully they wont get too mad and i am posting this under Fair Use provision

People Magazine “Connecticut Horror Story”  talks about something horrible happening to some family named the Petit family

People Magazine “Connecticut Horror Story”   introduce the family

first father Dr. Petit endrocrinologists, who met his wife in med school, owns successful practice, who developed multiple sclerosis. introduce daughter Hayley who went to prestigious school and was accepted to attend Dartmarth which is an ivy league school and Michaela who liked to cook

here's a screen shot using actors

they only introduce the family. they don't tell you what their fate is or what happens.

at this time i had no idea.

then they talk about how michaela likes to cook and they have the actors at the grocery store

micahela and mom jennifer in grocery

they *do not* mention that this is where michaela was spotted, they only briefly show a man in the background

they return home and have a quiet evening meal 7:30pm sunday

they mention but do not name 2 men

they show them in a car then leave the car, and approach the back of the house in the dead of night 3am

at this point when i first saw it i am feeling my heart pounding i'm thinking this is exciting, this is a thriller, this is just like the movies. kinda reminds me of mr cruel and GSK

they spot a baseball lying around and picks it up

they show how they enter

these are called bilco doors, not locked, no forced entry directly into the basement

they encountered dr. petit sleeping soundly on the coach

so i'm on the edge of my seat wondering what the heck these 2 robbers are going to do with dr petit

remember i've never heard of this crime so i had no idea what was happening next

pause for commercial break

return from commercial break

they start beating him with a baseball bat

then take him to the basement

he was beaten badly on the head with multiple hard strikes directly to his head with a baseball bat the 2 unnamed burglars

and tie him up with ligature they brought with them, that was in their own car, not from the home

again i've never heard of this crime i had no idea what was going to happen next so my imagination tried to race ahead

surely dr. petit screaming and howling in pain and all the noise of being bashed in the head with a baseball bat by these 2 thugs should wake up the 3 females in the home jennifer hayley michaela

there has to be a lot of noise that can wake up anyone



they enter their bedrooms only to find them sound asleep

i'm watching this and my heart is pounding this is like a horror movie but it happened for real and this has to be your worst nightmare, which is also a show on ID

imagine you're sound asleep and suddenly you get struck hard multiple times in the head with a baseball bat

or your sound asleep and then you wake up and these 2 masked men with ligature they brought in with them are tying you up

at this time i had no idea what was going to happen to these 3. or what their motives were.

they did not name the 2 masked men, or why they picked them. was this a rape? money? ransom ?
thrill kill? are they serial killers?

are all 3 women going to be raped? what happens next? what's the motive?

do they all die or does anyone live? who are these bad guys and will they get caught?

i can only imagine how terrifying it must have been

the 3 females were all in separate bedrooms and none of them woke up until they were bound.

they were sleeping while the father was beaten with a baseball bat then still sleeping when the other 2 were being bound.

that's some seriously heavy sleeping.

when i watch these crime shows with dramatization, i'm thinking what about me. am i a heavy sleeper? if i'm on vacation say in south africa and intruders start beating with a baseball bat the people i am with in the other room, will i sleep through it?

the petit family sleep through the severe beating Dr. petit got followed by the other 3 getting tied and bound. apparently they didnt scream or if they did it didn't wake up the others.

kinda reminds me of the villisca axe murders. no one woke up when this axe was killing everyone with 1 possible exception. the ramsey say they were asleep when the intruder murdered jonbenet.

at this point they show the 2 intruders ransacking the home looking for money and valuables, and state their motive for entering the Petit family was money.

they try to find a safe with cash and valuables but couldn't find one in the home

they realize that the family has lots of money in the bank, so on the spot they hatch a plan to force the mother when the bank opens to come to the bank to withdraw money or else her family will die.

as an aside they ransacked the house and found a bank ledger for $41, 209.40 in the checking account so they wanted that exact amount withdrawn the next day. the ransom note asks for $118k, same amount as john's bonus.

again i had no idea what was going to happen or if this plan was going to work.

bank opens 9am

they left the home at 4am and went to gas station used stolen credit card to buy gas and then return home, while 3 females were still bound

they check on hostages

i was wondering what was going to happen, are they going to kill them? or they going to rape the women?

remember the jonbenet pineapple mystery

here the masked man gives water to michaela

this is an actual home invasion home intruder crime, they brought with them ligature, there were shoe prints and fibers recovered, and they fed and gave water to the victims

how does the forensic evidence compare with what was found in the Jonbenet ramsey crime scene?

jennifer petit leaves with 1 of the 2 badguys

go to the bank to withdraw money with instructions not to raise any alarm or the other bad guy will kill the remaining family

a whole world of possibility such as mother telling bank she's being held hostage, she is cooperating with robber, police arrive, or security, or bank tellers becoming suspicious

this is like something out of a movie but it really happened. this is 4real

i was at the edge of my seat. i did not know what was going to happen. was she going to tell? were the bank going to call police? was the police going to arrive at the bank or at the home or both?

why did the bad guys buy gas? were they going to dose the family in gas and set them on fire?

stay tuned

if you've not heard of this crime the dramatization of this crime is like a hollywood movie. sadly in the real world super heroes don't exist.

but i'm thinking what a nightmare this is and how this could happen to me.

i'm musing about existentialism. the petit family were wealthy and hayley was an athlete and was on the rowing team and she got accepted to an ivy league college dartmouth with goal to be a medical doctor

if you've not seen it and don't want to be spoiled i won't say more. but the outcome was NOT what i expected.

let's just say that like the hit reality tv show survivor, there was 1 sole survivor and it wasn't who i thought it would be

i watched it and blogged about it

later a poster named "tracyb" talked about it seemingly she knew more than i did and what was presented in the documentary. her theory was that one of the 2 bad guys Joshua Komisarjevsky
targetted michaela at the grocery store

tracyb told me to watch another documentary the hbo documentary chesire murder, and called this crime the chesire murder, which i did not recognize, i only knew this as Connecticut horror, which it is, and petit family

i was able to find it and i watched it

tracy b said this was the better documentary, however

if you've never heard of this crime and you wanted to know what was going to happen. i did not know who the people are, what happened, in what sequence, who lived, who died, motive

hbo doesn't answer any of this. right at the beginning  what they omit was what the crime was, who these people are, who the petit are, they seemingly assume you know all this. they tell you right from the start that jennifer michaela and halyey died, but not who they are or how they died or what the circumstances of their death were. no mention of this being a home invasion crime, or any trips to the bank.

basically the hbo chesire consists of interviews, including Joshua Komisarjevsky girlfriend talking about these people, but they never explain who these people are or even what the crime was.

Joshua Komisarjevsky girlfriend suggests that this was a pedohile type crime that Joshua Komisarjevsky is a romantic and that either her or a old friend said joshua had sexual interest in young girls.

from this i understand where tracyb got the idea this was a sexual motivated crime, the people magazine makes it clear the motive was money. these guys were thugs and robbers.

but if you had no idea what happened in this crime, and you want to see a dramatization of the crime in chronological order, including the 2 bad guys attempt to escape in a car and Dr Petit crawling out of a burning home,

like a hollywood movie,

the People magazine connecticut horror is far superior to HBO Chesire

its not even close.

the only thing HBO does better is offer support to the idea Joshua targetted Petits not because of money but because of sexual interest in Michaela, which kinda sort of would make it like what happened to Jonbenet in some intruder theories.

i think of the existentialist issues that hayley petit grew up wealthy, daughter of a medical doctor, a WASP and got accepted to ivy league

and it all went up in smoke

LITERALLY. it all burned down. the bad guys poured gasoline all over the house and burned down the petit home. like luke skywalker and yoda burning down the tree in last jedi

jennifer was burned beyond all recognition but halyey and michaela died from smoke inhalation.

would you want to trade places with haley and michaela petit, grow up in a rich medical doctor family in a wealthy city of chesire connecticut attend an elite school and get accepted to dartmouth ivy league only to be murdered during a home invasion robbery?


the people magazine covers all this. what the hbo chesire does is simply consists of interviews of people talking about these people but you never know what the actual crime was except bits and pieces such as the 3 women all dead.

People Magazine “Connecticut Horror Story”  is the clear cut winner, and if you want to see an exciting thriller crime.

this crime has it all

as a home invasion crime its also of interest to jonbenet intruder theorists. the ligature which was brought, the baseball bat, shoe prints fibers, dna, sexual assault, ransom demands bank statements, going to the bank at 9am when bank opens, phone calls. intruders went through a basement window that was unlocked. Petits were wealthy.

michaela wasn't "raped" if by "rape" you mean penile penetration with semen. but Joshua did undress Michaela and proceed to perform oral sex on her. how does the DNA found on michaela compare with dna found on Jonbenet

for me personally i always make sure my windows and doors are locked before i go to bed.  What a Face

its no secret i watch a lot of these crime shows on ID and oxygen and when they have dramatization

its like a hollywood movie for me. except for real.

real people and a dramatization of what really happened to them.

which makes me wonder

will i be murdered one day? and will the story of my murder be on the ID or oxygen channel?

will there be discussion or will it be a mystery debated say on reddit?

I don't agree with TracyB that the HBO chesire is better than People Magazine “Connecticut Horror Story” covering same crime Petit family. for one thing i want to see a dramitization of the actual crime, which HBO lacks. second, People magazine doesn't give away or spoil what was going to happen. if you've never heard of the crime and I had not, i had no idea that Jennifer Michaela and Hayley were going to die and the father lived.

The HBO Chesire is like a collage of people interviews thats it. so if you didn't already care about this crime you'd have no idea what they're talking about.

imagine a documentary of people talking, about their loved deaths. but you don't know what the crime was.

imagine another documentary of these muslims boarding an airplane, overpowering the crew, piloting the airplane and crashing it directly into the WTC in New york 911 2001.

like a hollywood sequel to Die Hard or The Rock, with fights on the airplane

which is more exciting to watch?

People Magazine “Connecticut Horror Story” for me is the more exciting one to watch on the Petit family What a Face

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