Murder Calls Dr. Jorge Mario Gonzalez & Petit family and Samuel Sheppard

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Murder Calls Dr. Jorge Mario Gonzalez & Petit family and Samuel Sheppard

Post by redpill on Tue May 01, 2018 10:42 pm

I watched ID channel Murder Calls Under Siege Season 3 ep 1

this post contains spoilers

images copyrighted to ID channel, I'm posting a couple under Fair use

earlier I blogged about ID channel People Magazine “Connecticut Horror Story” about the Petit family, Dr. Petit and his wife and 2 daughters.

I've never heard of the crime prior to watching it, and it was an exciting thriller.

well Murder Calls Under Siege Season 3 ep 1 is about the murder of  Dr. Jorge Mario Gonzalez a pulmonologist.

I've never heard of this crime before so I've got no idea what to expect.

you hear a 911 call, and the dramatization has this woman

on her cell phone locked in her bathroom

stating there were masked gunman and her husband

Dr. Jorge Mario Gonzalez

they then flash back and provide bio and how they met

mother/wife calls 911, 1 police officer arrives, 2 vehicles exit, and shoot at the officer

swat team comes in,

wife exits but sees her husband

the hired hand was also shot and sent to hospital but lived.

investigators considered a variety of possible motives.

Dr. Jorge Mario Gonzalez  was originally from Guatemala and considered this may be related to his nation of origin.

I considered perhaps his wife was involved, maybe she was cheating on her husband and wanted a life insurance payout.

They lived on a 30 acre (!) ranch complete with horses.

Doctors sure do make a lot of money and in Texas it goes far


it was his hired ranch hand.

his hired ranch hand Noel who was a family friend said this doctor was rich and wanted to rob him and recruited 3 others to rob him for money.

the plan was to stage the crime so he acts like the good guy, but the bad guys will demand money both from ATM and ransom money

he'd be the inside guy

in some ways it was a good plan. he will convince the doctor and wife to cooperate to get the money, and the 4 will split it

what went wrong was Dr. Jorge Mario Gonzalez  owned a gun, pull his gun, and starting shooting at them, and the 3 return fire, in doing so one hit ranch hand noel

this turned into  a shoot out

sadly, Dr. Jorge Mario Gonzalez completely missed.

the 3 masked gunman were able to lethally return fire and Dr. Jorge Mario Gonzalez died from gunshot wound.

he died.

the return fire hit but did not kill mastermind and ranch hand Noel

they then fled in 2 cars.

at this point i'm thinking what should i do if i were in that situation

it was a split second decision.

so its similar to the Petit family in that a medical doctor was targeted for money, abduction kidnapping for ransom money

it differs in that here the father and doctor died, but in Petit the father lived, but wife and 2 daughters died. here father died but wife and she was pregnant and had a son who lived.

doctors make enough money to be targets of schemes for kidnapping for ransom money

i wonder if the Ramsey housekeeper may have worked with someone to try to abduct Jonbenet, $118k is a lot of money.

Dr Samuel Sheppard was also targetted for a robbery, and his wife Maryln was killed and Dr. Sheppard got blamed.

In Boson, Dr  Dr. Lina Bolanos, 38, and Dr. Richard Field, 49 were murdered in a home/apartment invasion crime for money

I'm not sure if Dr Jeffrey Macdonald is telling the truth or he murdered his family.

lots of possible evidence such as skin under Collete's fingernail has been lost, and it could have DNA from the killer and exclude Jeffrey Macdonald.

if you're rich, you can be the target of a violent crime. in Dr. Petit they were seen as rich, here the hired hand knew Dr. Gonzalez was rich doctor. robbers want money from rich doctors  pale

if you're rich, you may be a victim of a home invasion robbery like Dr. Petit, or your hired ranch hand may scheme to abduct you for ransom and atm money.  pale

here's something i think about

if you have a gun, and you confront masked gunman what should you do?

run and hide?

attempt to shoot them?

seek cover?

Dr. Gonzalez decision was to get his gun, then confront the gun man and shoot at them.

sadly he missed and the gunman were able to hit him and kill him.

Dr. Gonzalez is dead.

sadly for Dr. Gonzalez his trusted friend and ranch hand Noel was in on the plot.

what could Dr. Gonzalez have done the moment he saw the 3 masked gunman with guns differently to live?

or Dr. Petit for that matter?

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