possible Israel-Iran war in the news, gas prices surreal for me Thu May 10, 2018

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possible Israel-Iran war in the news, gas prices surreal for me Thu May 10, 2018

Post by redpill on Thu May 10, 2018 11:28 am

i click on the news Thu May 10, 2018

and i find

Israel launches massive military strike against Iranian targets in Syria
Washington Post-2 hours ago
MOUNT BENTAL, Golan Heights — Israeli warplanes bombed dozens of Iran-linked military facilities in Syria, the Israeli military said Thursday, ...

Israel v Iran: Are they heading for a war?
BBC News-1 hour ago

Israel-Iran crisis - live updates: World scrambles to de-escalate Middle East tensions after overnight airstrikes
The Independent
1 min ago

one thing that popped in my head is gas prices

Oil Markets Tremble On Iran, Israel Flare-Up
OilPrice.com-31 minutes ago
Oil Markets Tremble On Iran, Israel Flare-Up ... as the danger of a direct war between Israel and Iran, which PM Benjamin Netanyahu recently ...

so my prices at local pump will flare up

this is surreal for me, since the 80s i attended an evangelical church staffed with youth group educated at the Moody Bible institute and Dallas Theological seminary. I also attended evangelical christian retreats over the summer, similar to Jesus camp

one of the topics, even in the 80s, was that we were living in the end times. Jesus is coming soon. the signs of the times includes a rejection of school prayer, god, the bible, and with that every kind of abomination imaginable.

homosexuality, abortion, pornography drug use, idolatry. the most important sign is that god's chosen people, the Jews, and the holy lands, will be attacked by Satan, and there will be war in the Middle east between Israel and Arab nations.

of course being a kid i didn't really know that there were already wars between Israel and its Arab nations before I was even born.

i was told, there is no such thing as a Palestinian. Satan is keeping these trouble makers around, and they have no rightful claim. Jews and only Jews are the chosen people and have a rightful claim to the holy land.

so since the 80s i was told of this impending war between Israel and Arab neighbors, leading to Armageddon

God is on Israel's side, the old testament shows the amazing military victories his chosen people the Jews achieved over the idolatrous pagans who sacrificed children through abortion to Moloch.

so today i wake up in the morning and on my news feed

Thu May 10, 2018

Israel and Iran, and apparently this happened    last night while i was sleeping.

The 2 may go to war, just as I was told since the 1980's.

and Trump is our president pale

part of the scare story was that Russia would back the Arabs, and they said this when the USSR was still standing. I was a kid when Ronald Reagan was elected and met with USSR Mikhail Gorbachev.

this Israel-Arab war would escalate to a nuclear war between Russia and USA.

so they fantasized. then there will be the rapture of true christians.

Israel will be saved and Muslims, led by Satan, and all enemies of Israel, all destroyed. Jews will see Jesus is indeed the Messiah and convert.

so what's surreal is something i was told in the 80s, is apparently possibly going to materialize as i read the news
Thu May 10, 2018

it would be like if tomorrow we are visited by UFO, or they find and capture a live Bigfoot, or voynich has been deciphered, or Zodiac identified or my theories of Jonbenet Mr Cruel proven correct.

sadly the bible prophecies didn't make any recommendation to buy microsoft stock, or apple stock.

i don't believe in the bible anymore. i think what i was told, while partially rooted in the bible, are just fantasies.

i've been redpilled of this. still, the emotions i experience, in having an inside track into world events, and just being around evangelical teens my own age, in the 90s, when michael jordan was winning with bulls,  had a strong effect on my emotion. also promise of after life and the power of prayer in the form of miracles.

it seems a war between Israel and Iran is very possible. but looking on a map there's a huge amount of land between them

they don't share a border.

i think this war is more sabre rattling than anything.

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