Movie night friday I saw Edge of Tomorrow 2014 movie for the first time with Tom Cruise

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Movie night friday I saw Edge of Tomorrow 2014 movie for the first time with Tom Cruise

Post by redpill on Fri May 11, 2018 11:47 pm

Fri May 11, 2018

*spoilers warning*

this post contains *spoilers*

I saw Edge of Tomorrow 2014 movie for the first time with Tom Cruise today

there are plenty of reviews on this movie,

my impression is how it relates to me,

I would love to have that do-over time travel power that  Tom Cruise had.

the very first time he went into battle he was a total NOOB

and he was quickly killed. but his power lets him travel back in time, only he remembers and can learn.

this is a lot like playing a video game.

when ever i play a new video game, i get killed easily and a lot

but i get a second chance at life. so i play again. and again and again. over years i learn again and again

until now i'm good though in galaga around level 20 they move faster than i can keep up with.

similarly the very first time i d/l and played this game

i had no clue. i knew nothing of tanks. but the thought of things blowing up was fun.

sadly i'm an adult now so i don't have as much time now to play games as i did when i was a kid, and played galaga.

tom cruise character initially was quickly and easily killed over and over. but unlike every human on earth, he could go back in time and remember, and then over time and with training he became an extremely effective combatant.

but yeah in the real world so far as we know, we only have 1 go at life. YOLO you only live once.

my collection of white flowers who died untimely deaths

white flowers who died while skiing
car driving errors
hit by trains,
swimming then drowning
bitten by sharks while surfing
snowboarding then avalanche
atv accidents
charging their iphone in the shower

gives me some pause.

if i do ski and die, i'd like to start over and maybe change how i ski or not ski that day, or drive a car

if i get injured by say a horse i have to live with that injury like Christopher Reeves

some paranormal equivalents is premonition. there have been cases like most famously David Booth who predicted an airplane crash before it happened. I want something like that. which became the basis of Final Destination

every benefit that comes from predicting the future becomes yours, since we can't  know the future and can't change the past.

i wish i could go back in time, with the knowledge i now have, and make a lot of changes, decisions, i made based on wrong information

the movie itself, the way aliens attacked and how they were shot down reminds me a lot of the movie the Matrix, the humans vs the sentinels. using explosings vs using an EMP. attacking the mainframe vs attacking the alpha mimic sphere.

tom cruise character with his time travel ability is like Neo of the matrix. the one to save the world, in this case form mimics

in the world of the paranormal, there's premonition, there's also reincarnation and past life experiences. some children can recall in some detail their past lives. i suspect i was a soldier who fought and died in Stalingrad. thats how i felt when i played COD WW2

there's also time slips where the victim somehow slips into another time and place.
out of body experiences

if i had tom cruise time reversal ability there are a lot of things from ATV to drugs to swimming i'd try and be fearless about.

in the movie it was an alien invasion, alien entity a mimic that gave Tom cruise that ability.

maybe there's a paranormal entity like an alien or an interdimentional being that can provide me this ability.

i can't change the past but i can recall very old memories from early childhood. so i can visit the past via memory.

in kindergarden when i was 5, i remember given white Styrofoam cups we filled them with soil, then drew faces with markers on them, and then added grass seed to make them grow "hair" kinda like chia pets. i remember doing that. i drew a sad face with a tear drop. i was the only one to do it. when grass grew we kids had to find ours and pick it up, but another kid took my cup, and i protested. i didnt' get my way though and i ended up with someone else's cup. i knew it was mine bc i drew a blue tear drop for the sad face.

in second grade we started to learn how to use a card catalogue a real one, with author, subject and title on cards. real cards. no computers.

if i could go back in time knowing what i now know, i'd make a lot of changes, such as buying microsoft and apple stock. i'd major in computer engineering with the hope of working in silicon valley start up say facebook or google with stocks.

i'd like to visit some famous crime scenes, such as the Nicole Simpson one or Jonbenet, before the crimes were committed, find a place to hide, then start filming.

like this lady

obviously if the Jonbenet intruder theory is correct sometime from when the Ramseys arrived home, to 6am in the morning an intruder must have left the residence

and OJ simpson arrived then left Nicole Simpson and Ronald Goldman

i also want to be there for every UFO and bigfoot encouter and other paranormal encounters and mysteries like Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 (MH370)

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