THE LAST 24 S1 • E2 Blind Terror *spoilers* safety lessons

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THE LAST 24 S1 • E2 Blind Terror *spoilers* safety lessons

Post by redpill on Mon May 14, 2018 1:43 am

Mon May 14, 2018

i just watched

THE LAST 24  S1 • E2 Blind Terror

he Last 24
Published on May 12, 2018
Investigating an execution-style murder in a luxurious Miami suburb, detectives uncover a thriving law practice that made plenty of enemies, a business partner caught in a lie, and a troubled son with a lifelong grudge.


i've never heard of this crime prior to this show

in the abortion debate, which i was a part of and was an important part of my life, as a ex-evangelical christian, i was prolife

i argued that abortion was morally wrong, equivalent to murder, and that there are life-affirming options such as adoption.

what would Jesus do?

would Jesus have an abortion?

of course many pro-chocie proabortion feminists activists reject jesus, they reject christ, they reject god and the bible, and have chants along the lines of get your rosaries out of my ovaries.

well there's this

John and Susan Sutton

in life John Sutton was a personal injury lawyer in Florida and highly successful.

he was rich. he recently got a $1.5 million to his law firm over a personal injury suit.

John lived, but lost an eye, bullet lodge and is in pain.

the whole program consider all suspects.

one suspect was  a woman who was on the receiving end of these injury law suits and threatened to kill and shoot up the law firm.

it turns out that Susan Sutton had been CHEATING on John for 7 years and John never knew this until after the shooting.

she actually owned a boat and neighbors said they saw and heard  a boat leaving from the crime scene

so they considered her lover as a suspect

they considered the son Christ Sutton as a suspect, but was cleared when his alibi he was with his girlfriend at the movie theater checked out.

Sue Sutton couldn't conceive so she and John adopted a child, Chris Sutton as an infant

Chris was born to a 15 year old mother

the Suttons were well to do, personal injury lawyer practice

and Sue was happy

long story short, when Chris became a teenager he had behavioral problems so parents sent him off to Somoa, where the father got a court order he stay there until he was rehabilitated. at age 17

he was getting into trouble.

in the end, it was Chris who got a hit man and drug dealer, as Chris did drugs, to kill his parents, he told his girlfriend how much he hated them and wanted them dead and almost succeeded in killing both

Chris sutton has been planning this for years

he gets life

safety lesson

if you have children they may develop psychological and behavioral problems in teenage years,

may fall into the wrong crowd, of doing drugs and violence

they may resent you and want to kill you, and take your money

and if you adopt they may hate you and want to kill you

imagine if Christopher sutton mother had an abortion instead of adoption at age 15.

Sue Sutton would still be alive

abortion is the only legal way to prevent killers from being born

outer limits theresa givens, who used aborted fetuses to create her time travel machine, approves this message

If you only knew the POWER of the Daubert side

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