Paige Birgfeld and privacy In Ice Cold Blood S01E07 Single Mom Double Life

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Paige Birgfeld and privacy In Ice Cold Blood S01E07 Single Mom Double Life

Post by redpill on Mon May 14, 2018 6:17 pm


I just watched

In Ice Cold Blood S01E07 Single Mom Double Life

Season 1, Episode 7 – “Single Mom Double Life”
A look at the story of an outstanding mom who turns out to be living a double life, until she becomes the perfect victim. A web of deception, sex, and murder, send detectives on a multi-year hunt to figure out who could have taken her out.

I've never heard of this case prior to today


this crime happened in Colorado, same state as JonBenet Ramsey

Born April 27, 1973 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Died June 27, 2007 in Grand Junction, Colorado, USA  (homicide)
Birth Name Paige Meredith Birgfeld
Height 5' 4" (1.63 m)

Paige Birgfeld was born on April 27, 1973 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA as Paige Meredith Birgfeld. She was married to Rob Dixon and Ron Beigler. She died on June 27, 2007 in Grand Junction, Colorado, USA.

Rob Dixon (1998 - 2006) ( divorced) ( 3 children)
Ron Beigler (1995 - 1997) ( divorced)

this show is done by Oxygen, not ID

but it follows many of ID crime show conventions

they talk about the victim, Paige Birgfeld

her friends and family talk about her growing up, her first husband who did NOT want children so it ended in divorce.
her second husband who was rich because his dad had patents on radio but somehow the money dried up and the 2 fought and ended in divorce.

Paige was reported missing June 27, 2007, they then talk about her husbands as suspects.

Part of the documentary goes into detail on what kind of jerk her second ex-husband was. Paige's friend talks about how Paige was even afraid of her husband and said if she was murdered her exhusband might be the killer.

If i were the ex-husband and i heard several of Paige's friend say on tv i'm a jerk and had serious "issues" and was a loner and weird i'm not sure what i'd say.

during the investigation it was discovered that Paige had a couple of business to try to make ends meet, including teaching young girls dance.

but she made extra money as an escort service, and she was with an escort service, which included sex.

her friend knew, but her parents didn't. when investigators asked Paige's father about her being in the adult business, her own father did not know, and did not know what the word "adult" business meant.

so they go into her private life about her making extra money as an escort

i'm not sure if they changed the names or not but they give the names, apparently the actual names of the Johns she was seeing.

they talked about these johns brougth them into questioning, specifically the Johns that were on her cell phone list prior to her disappearnce.

one John they named was described by other women as sex obsessed, a hater of women, and a stalker but he was ultimately cleared of any wrongdoing

so imagine you're a John and you use this escort service. then Paige winds up murdered. now 12 years later on Oxygen you have these women calling you a hater of women and what not, as you are also named a suspect "George Caluzo"


so if i contact an escort, and pay escort money, will this like be talked about in a documentary should something happen to that escort?

during search

police zeroed in on one suspect but without a body they couldn't file charges.

that changed when they found her remains

Paige in life

Paige in death

i'm watching this and i'm thinking wow, so if i get murdered and my skeltal remains are found will it be photographed and displayed on tv show on ID or oxygen?

how do her family and friends think and feel when they see these bones of Paige on display pale

her client was her killer Lester Brown

Paige made money as an escort, where she met Lester Brown who killed her. Then on May 14, 2018 i watched this documentary about this case, and i'm seeing all these pictures of her bones and i'm thinking wow!

she has nice teeth! she must have had braces and used teeth whitening. i'm due for dental work myself.

her femur made me think she was tall but she's listed as 5'4" on her obituary.

i'm surrpised as the area  where her bones were found by a hiker was intensely searched initially as it was only 3 miles away from strewn Paige items.

if i die, will my bones be photographed and shown on Oxygen?

if i die, will photos of my dead body be all over the internet?

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