Triangle 2009 is an outerlimits level mindfuck *spoilers*

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Triangle 2009 is an outerlimits level mindfuck *spoilers*

Post by redpill on Wed May 16, 2018 12:20 am


this post contains *spoilers* Triangle 2009

if you've not seen it i highly recommend you not read this post.

there are many reviews and attempts at explanation of this movie

this is not a review but my impression,

this movie is an awesome mindfuck

having watch Tom Cruise movie Edge of Tomorrow i saw a listverse list of movies similar to it, and on that list is a movie i've never ever heard of anywhere prior to yesterday, and that movie is triangle.

now i've heard of love triangle, chicago bulls with michael jordan used the triangle offense. there's bermuda's triangle. pink triangle is also the symbol of LGBT due to hitler

of all of these, since the movie shows people on the boat, i assumed this is a bermuda triangle movie, but its actual content woudl be similar to the crap movie Cloverfield paradox, where they enter this triangle, then weird things happen, just as weird things happen on the space station in cloverfield paradox

when i originally saw this movie, i thought that okay these individuals board a boat, the movie is named


so they sail to Bermuda Triangle, weird things begin to happen, they see ghosts and what not, and they realize they got sucked in a vortex.

similar in concept to Cloverfield Paradox, which unlike Cloverfield and Cloverfield lane, i thought sucked.

in Cloverfield paradox, they activate a particle generator which was supposed to create the Higgs boson and instead they got teleported to an alternate reality

my theory is that in the original time line

Jess murdered her son in a fit of rage, then put his body in bag and put it in the car, then drove and hid the body. she then boards the boat, the boat enters the storm, and everyone drowns.

at this point, she enters the time loop.

the mind fuck on this movie i thought Jess when she leaves the ship finally the movie comes to the conclusion, but in fact it loops back to the beginning. when i saw all those dead seagulls i realized she's still in the time loop.

it'd be like watching the matrix, and the conclusion is that neo is still a body connected to the matrix. it was all a simulation, you never escape from it no one does. even morpheus is plugged into the computer simulation

this movie is a time loop, but it doesn't invoke science but the paranormal.

Jess is trapped in a time loop, time is cyclical, it loops back on itself in a never ending cycle.

buddhism is a religion that offered similar teachings and only by extinguishing the self can one reach nirvana, which is hard to imagine to do.

they mention sisyphus. for AP english we read albert camus discussion of sisyphus with his famous line one must imagine sisyphus happy, during existentialsm.

i've wondered what death is like, but if it means being conscious, sentient but trapped in a time loop where you re experience your own death over and over again, i'd think i prefer complete extinction.

this issue was also raised in the movie Source Code

Jess is dead and the events that happen happen in an afterlife, that repeats on itself.

this movie reminds me of a good M Night Shamalyan or Outerlimits episode

combining Source Code with Triangle, with the paranormal, i can't help that at the moment of my death i have some sort of out of body experience where i have some form of consciosusness as described by near death experiences. but then i may enter a time slip, were time is cyclical due to quantum mechanics and i re-experience my own death over and over again for all eternity. some how consciousness could be the result of highly complex quantum mechanics that creates a pocket universe.


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