What if Dr. William Petit was framed & Jeffrey MacDonald, and Samuel Sheppard

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What if Dr. William Petit was framed & Jeffrey MacDonald, and Samuel Sheppard

Post by redpill on Thu May 17, 2018 10:55 pm

just sort of dawned on me,

people Magazine Investigates Connecticut Horror

I learned of

Dr. William Petit

I learned that Dr. Petit survived a home intruder, home invasion, but his wife and 2 daughters died.

what if Dr. Petit was beaten but kept alive, like

Dr Jeffrey MacDonald

his wife and 2 daughters were murdered at night at home

Dr. Petit was beaten but alive, the two would be robbers,

Joshua Komisarjevsky  and Steven Hayes  ok

decided to keet Dr. Petit badly beaten but alive,

but then instead of going to the bank which tipped off police,

proceed to stab and kill his wife and 2 daughters and set the place on fire, but put Dr. Petit in an area where he will live.

this is of course the Jeffrey MacDonald scenario.

these robbers were wearing balaclava and Dr. Petit was severely injured and could not describe his attackers.

so the question was, were there intruders as Dr Petit claims or did Dr. Petit murder his wife and 2 daughters in a fit of rage, concocted a story of intruders, and then set the fire to the house himself to hide evidence?

intruder or Dr. Petit?

which would be an analogy to Dr. Jeffrey MacDonald and Samuel Sheppard.

again in this scenario, the intruders enter the home, through the basement door which was unlocked (!)

beat but do not kill Dr. Petit, tie up the 3 females, demand money, proceed to kill them, set house on fire, but keep Dr. Petit alive, perhaps putting the murder weapon on his hand.  leave undetected.

the equivalent of RDI for Petits will argue "there's no evidence of an intruder" and "staged crime scene" and "actions of these so called intruders are not logical"

what actually happened is that Joshua Komisarjevsky  and Steven Hayes  agreed to force the wife to go to the bank to withdraw more money but at the bank she tipped off the bank teller she's being held hostage. which set in motion a chain of events that led to their deaths. police were initially confused and went to the bank.

imagine your a bank customer and suddenly these police arrive and say freeze pointing their guns out. that's what happened that morning.

like a hollywood movie.

they lost a lot of time when they finally realized they needed to head to the Petit home.

watching this it is possible Jonbenet was abducted for kidnapping for ransom money. he wrote a long ransom note bc he was high on drugs, and something spooked him so he left the body in the home, instead of removing it.

if Joshua Komisarjevsky  and Steven Hayes say stabbed the 3 females to death, and set it on fire to destroy DNA fiber and other evidence, and put the knife in Dr. Petit's hand, and put a baseball bat in the wife's hand.

would anyone believe him when he said it was an intruder, that he can't describe?

this might sound like a strange thing to say, but
Joshua Komisarjevsky  and Steven Hayes were actually somewhat "caring" at least compared to say BTK dennis raider or Bennet family killer

in the people magazine documentary, Joshua Komisarjevsky  and Steven Hayes actually fed and gave water to the entire family, allowed them to use the rest room, and even tended to their wound, asking them if they're all right. you see 2 masked men, which we know as Joshua Komisarjevsky and Steven Hayes, after beating him to near death with 2 baseball bats and tying him up, asking him how he feels, is he alright, they gave him water and food, and even took towels to wipe away blood.

they also asked him where he keeps the money. but they allowed Dr. Petit to press towels on his bruises they asked him if he was alright and if they could get him anything and did not continue to inflict pain on him.

they promised they wouldn't hurt them if they cooperated and just got the money, they only wanted money.

they were wearing balaclava the entire time.

its possible jonbenet's killer fed jonbenet pineapple as Joshua Komisarjevsky  and Steven Hayes gave water and food to each of the Petit family.

Joshua Komisarjevsky  and Steven Hayes said they'd be happy with the $41k they saw on bank account.

Jonbenet kidnapper wanted $118k.

Joshua Komisarjevsky  and Steven Hayes told Ms. Petit that if they cooperate they will let them go, they just want money, but if they alert the authorities in any way, they'd kill her family.

Ms. Petit alerted bank authorities.

Joshua Komisarjevsky  and Steven Hayes killed the family, minus Dr. Petit.

how does this compare to Patsy's action of calling 911?

Joshua Komisarjevsky  and Steven Hayes went through the basement door which was unlocked.
maybe the Ramseys simply forgot to lock a door or window

Dr Jeffrey MacDonald, and Samuel Sheppard William Petit all state they were sleeping on their coach in the living room, when these intruders attacked.

Joshua Komisarjevsky and Steven Hayes are career home invasion burglars but not really killers.

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