Bermuda Triangle, flight 19 Ancient Aliens S13 e04 & Triangle 2009 *spoilers*

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Bermuda Triangle, flight 19 Ancient Aliens S13 e04 & Triangle 2009 *spoilers*

Post by redpill on Sat May 19, 2018 8:38 pm


this post contains spoilers Ancient Aliens and Triangle 2009


back in the day i watched Unsolved mysteries and they talked Flight 19 where five Grumman TBM Avenger torpedo bombers that disappeared over the Bermuda Triangle on December 5, 1945, and a rescue plane sent to recover them also disappeared

Ancient Aliens "black holes" episode also mentions this, and both Unsolved Mysteries and Ancient Aliens suggest that these planes flew into a vortex, a wormhole.

i've actually preferred these sorts of mysteries. What happened to Amy Mihalavic and Abby Williams and Liberty German is clear, it's just a matter of putting a name to their killers.

These mysterious invoke the idea that there's more to reality than what we see day to day, even more than what Christians believe in their deity and the angels.

perhaps they are still alive in some alternate dimension, in an another universe.

for one thing, the planes reported their compass going haywire, spinning out of control, suggesting electromagnetic disturbances.

Ancient Aliens also Mary Celeste as a victim of Bermuda Triangle, December 5, 1872 with the crew was missing but the ship was intact.

watching the timing is amazing since earlier this week I saw Triangle (2009)

i've seen it 3 times at this point, and yeah Jess is stuck in a time loop.

Jess and her crew board the Triangle, they head off to Bermuda Triangle.

they enter a storm, with waves, boat capsizes. they then get rescued by a ghost ship the Aeolus and mysterious things happen.

the amazing twist is that they are in a time loop, and it not only extends in the ship Aeolus but when Jess leaves and returns home, she is still in the time loop.

there are many posts and youtube videos of thinkers who see this as a puzzle and go into highly elaborate explanations as to what happened to Jess, for example,

here's some comments

the one who made the video have a godlike brain...

T Mitchell
if this explanation is true i'd be staggered. why would anyone make a film so convoluted that you need a degree in quantum physics to understand it?

oh my god you're a fucking genius. I though this movie had no logic, but it does!

the issue he and others have wrestled with is what is the world logic as described in Triangle 2009.

i've even seen more complicated explanations, others have mention that the ship can allow Jess and Triangle crew to board either on the left starboard or right. so it is chiral.

they distinguish L-jess with R-jess, chirality along with the 3 stages.

what a mind fuck.

it's a depiction of a time loop, should your afterlife resemble's Jess you know what you're stuck in.

safety lesson if you fly or boat over Bermuda you may disappear forever. or get stuck in a time loop

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